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15  Unique Brochure Designs for Inspiration

It is really important to have a great brochure design to inspire the viewers. A good design helps in giving a better conversion rate. It helps the business owners to reap the benefits of marketing. Great designs are inspired and will require a lot of efforts to bring in. It requires creativity and patience to carve out the specific ideas born in mind. Brochure printing is an integral part of effective marketing and advertising. Hence, you should make no mistake when it comes to brochure designs.

Here are some of the top 15 unique brochure designs for inspiration.

Foliomania Brochure: The name sounds very good and so is the brochure design. It has a beautiful composition of colors and looks very attractive. It has a good combination of bright and cool colors and is presented so brilliantly. I am sure it will help you to take the business to the next level. It can emboss modern art and other forms of printing in it.

Altus Brochure Design: It is basically a pop up concept with mild colors in it. It was originally designed for a construction company. It has a horizontal list pattern and he used textured paper. This kind of paper style is so unique and can easily grab the attention of the users. Make sure not to fill the entire pages with content that will spoil its natural beauty.

Creamfields Brochure Design: It is one of the commonly found designs except that the design can be made brilliant with a good choice of colors. Dark pink and green colors are widely used for this kind of design. The leather made cover gives it a stunning look and assures a guarantee on the return on the investments.

Harter Design: This particular design has won several accolades in the international arena. It is a 48 page brochure that has a gorgeous look by its nature. It has a vibrant choice of colors with a fresh design perspective.

Nick Cave Brochure Design: It was designed on a luxurious texture paper with cool designs. The contemporary design style has raged good reviews among its international audiences.

Ewaan Brochure Design: The card looks simple but its stunning in terms of design. The card can be cut to any proper shape and the different color shades used will bring back the golden life to it. The centrally placed badge offers a unique layout.

TVNZ-7 Brochure: It consists of improper design styles say polygon or hexagon with each leaf consisting of a picture or text. At times, it can be used to describe a story with a good combination of colors in each leaf. People will admire this design and it uses light shades of blue and white to convey the message. When this brochure is fully unfolded, it looks like the number “7”.

Vespa Brochure Style: It is a retro style brochure design. This piece consists of nostalgic materials which can be used to bring back the golden moments of the past. There is a lot of intricate design patterns to be noted and it is a worthy pattern too.

Contemporary Slovenian Writers Design: The various designs in the card are often filled with thin line of text. There are no special curves or lines with mathematical figures but are created with the letters. This card is so unique that one half of it represents the humanitarians in the country and the other half represents the social activists. It was created for the Frankfurt book fair.

CHP Brochure Design: This was designed specifically for a healthy policy and received appreciations. It is a three-fold brochure with a red shade being the mostly widely used. The typography and the textured paper format make it very appealing. The healthy combination of different font styles makes it special and attractive.

With a Cookie Brochure Design: The brochure exactly looks like a cookie with its box. It has a centrally placed badge and has multiple folds with each page looking like a biscuit wafer. It has a magnetic black colored box which looks amazing. The stunning looks will win the hearts of the viewers for sure. A design of this type requires a lot of patience and efforts.

The Falcon Brochure: A true art loving and nature loving person alone can design a card of this style. It pours in the natural beauty and brings in ecstatic memories of wild life. The folded brochure cover tied with a beautiful knot adds beauty to the design. A rightful picture and the well described content make it a suitable choice for any event invitation or a product launch card.

Abstract Brochure Design: It is a book like brochure having multiple pages. The mosaic tiled pages will give you candid information about the products and services during the launch. The insider pages can have the pictures alone or even the information part alone. The background colors are so vivid and can easily grab the attention of the viewers.

Corporate Brochure Design: As the name suggests, it has to be very professional. The usage of color and shades pattern must not be so bright but brilliant in terms. The nice cut in the middle of the pages adds beauty to the design. The central cut has a lot of pictures and the rest of the portion can have the textual content.

Multi-Folded Brochure Design: If you think you want to give a lot of information in the brochure, it is the most appropriate card that you can use. The multiple folds can be presented with several layers of pictures and content. They can be used to give a continuing story or information with each leaf folded one besides the other.

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