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Top 4 Smartphones In Samsung- Part 1

Ever since the introduction of android, Samsung has made a place for itself in the market and is now currently leading all the other leaving behind companies like Apple and Sony. So, here we present to you the top 4 smartphones in Samsung;

Samsung Galaxy S3

The latest one from Samsung is the Galaxy S3 and it happens to be on fire right now. It features a voice recognition service which takes on the Apple’s personal assistant Siri. Amongst a few amazing features is the capability of the device to switch on if it sees a pair of eyes looking at it’s screen.

smartphones in samsung

Then, there’s smart call which enables you to dial a contact by raising the phone to your ear from the contact details screen. Samsung has even made sure to take a leap into the S beam technology which adds WiFi Direct to the wireless transfer connection so that you can beam videos files quickly between S3’s.

Amazing smartphones in Samsung features on an all so amazing phone with competitive specifications, well, for now this one has hardly got a competition and will be ruling the market to some extent for sure.

Samsung Galaxy Y

The galaxy Y from Samsung caters the range of customer not willing to go for the fastest, best and biggest of the smartphones. It is rather a smartphone for the low end range which brings functionality to the people. The Y in the Galaxy Y stands for Young which quite justifies the targeted audience.

Samsung Galaxy Y

This one from Samsung faces tough competition from the Orange San Francisco 2, Alcatel One Touch 990 and HTC Wildfire S. The Galaxy Y is not that high on specifications but looks good enough for a phone in the range. The weight on the 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm QVGA display carrying hone is just 97.5 gms.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is another high selling smartphone from Samsung which bears the same screen as the Apple iPhone 4S. The 3.5 inch TFT screen of the Ace tries to match up with the rival from the mac makers but just doesn’t prove out to be a match. Equipped with a 5 Mega pixel camera rear mounted camera, a 640 x 480 video capturing capability and 800 MHz single core Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, the Ace has been preferred by quite a lot of people.

Samsung Wave 3

The latest grandmaster of the Samsungs bada OS is the Wave 3 which happens to have a pretty solid design and a Super AMOLED display with the 1.4 GHz hummingbird processor. What this one has to offer is a large and strong metal chassis with pretty easy and accessible design. The users currently have reported a super ease of interface interaction and that the device is quite smooth, seamless and fluid.

Samsung Wave 3

The only thing which isn’t found to be impressive on this one is the limited amount of widgets which come pre-loaded from Samsung. The app store might be there to rescue you but the widgets are quite comparatively less than the number of applications present.

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