3 Handy Converters to Use in Converting Your PDF files

Many people are using the PDF file format; that is why they must use different PDF tools to handle those files. Among those tools than can help you make your life easier is the PDF converter. PDF conversion tools are the tools people use to convert their documents to a PDF format or PDF to other file formats. If you want to use a converter that can easily convert all of your files, you need to pick a safe and reliable converter that can perform the process in a few clicks. So here’s a list of handy converters to use in converting your PDF files.

PDF Bear

This software is reliable and safe to use PDF software that you can access wherever you are through your desktop or other mobile devices with an internet connection. PDF Bear will allow you to convert file formats like PPT, HTML, Excel, Word, and JPG to PDF or the other way around. Those mentioned conversion processes are achievable in seconds.

Besides the converters, you can also use PDF Bear to compress, unlock, protect, split, or merge your PDF files. All of its tools will provide simple and straightforward instructions that you can easily follow. Also, all the documents that you’ll upload and download will be taken down after 60 minutes.

Nitro Pro

This software is also among the best PDF conversion tools for Windows users. It is capable of converting any file format while making the lives of users easier. In the past, PDF files could only be opened on computers, but with the technology that we have today, you can access them on mobile devices. The good thing about this software is that it has solutions for incompatibilities.

Once the PDF file is converted to a Word file, that document will automatically become compatible with any devices. It ensures that user reviews will be more positive. Nitro Pro can also transfer your file from a device to another fast and easy. When you convert your files to a PDF, this software will allow you to edit the output. With this feature, you can change the style, fonts, and customize the files before showing others the output.

Icecream PDF Converter

This software is good at satisfying its customers because of its service, and it’s also one of the best PDF converters. Icecream PDF converter will allow you to convert PDFs in any format that you want and vice versa. The vice versa capability is what makes this software a favorite of many people. This converter is equipped with a power cable that is fast enough to convert all of your files in a few clicks. This program is straightforward, and it’s also recommendable for newbies when it comes to converting PDFs.

This converter will give the user an option to view the final page layout of a converter file. In that case, users can choose the page they want this software to focus on and disregard the rest. This feature is unique, and it promotes Icecream PDF Converter to be the best PDF converter for windows.


To easily manage your PDFs with no complication, use a reliable and trustworthy PDF conversion tool. Converters will allow users to convert tons of documents to a PDF file format or the other way around. If you need to remove all the stress if you are handling multiple PDF files, you can count on the features of PDF Bear because this platform is capable of merging, compressing, repairing, rotating, and most notably, converting your files in seconds. It’s also free and safe to use.

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