5 Amazing Gadgets for Your Car You Should Definitely Have

If you’re regularly taking long journeys in your car, you need it to be as comfortable as possible. Sometimes a couple of simple gadgets for your car can make all the difference between a terrible journey and a good one.

The good news is, there are more choices available than ever before. The global market for car accessories set to reach over $500bn by 2022. This means you can now find all sorts of gadget and gizmos to help you ride in style and comfort.

If you’re on the lookout gadgets for your car, read on to find out 5 amazing gadgets on the market today that you should definitely have on your next ride.

  1. Wireless Phone Charger

In 2019, the reality is that nobody leaves home without their phone. Mobile phones are an essential part of how we interact with each other and the wider world these days.

Unfortunately, battery technology has not yet caught up with this reality. Luckily, wireless car chargers are one of the latest car tech accessories on the market.

With no need for wires, these sleek devices can be safely stored out of sight when not in use. A quick charge in your car should mean that you no longer have to contend with a dead phone batter at the end of the day.

  1. Bluetooth Adaptor

Many older vehicles aren’t equipped to play music from your phone. In fact, some cars are still driving around with tape decks!

This can be frustrating, as our handheld devices are connected to the internet, as well as music services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Luckily, there are now a whole host of options which allow you to get around this problem. These Bluetooth adaptors connect your phone to your vehicle’s speakers. It does this in exactly the same way that your phone links to your wireless headphones.

If you’re still using CD’s a Bluetooth Adaptor is a must-buy.

  1. A Micro Vacuum

Just like with your office at work or your house, dirt and mess can really ruin the experience of driving.

Many drivers rely on their vehicles for their profession. In the US for example, there are over 3.5 million professional truck drivers roaming the highways delivering goods.

The last thing that you want if you’re in your vehicle for prolonged periods of time is litter and mess getting in your way. This is why a portable vacuum is such a good investment.

Not all the car gadgets you see available have to be flashy. A portable vacuum may be the most practical gift that you never thought to buy yourself. You can browse vacuums and see more here.

You can store it in the glove box, and newer models have the long-lasting batteries. This means you’ll get plenty of uses before you need to change anything.

  1. Portable Breathalyzer

Picture this scenario. You’ve just finished a wonderful meal with your friends, family and loved ones. You had a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate the occasion.

As you get ready to drive home, a question pops into your head – am I okay to drive? It can be impossible to tell when you’re over or under the legal alcohol limit. This makes it difficult to decide when you can drive again.

At one time or other, we’ve all been in this situation. The good news is, you can now take the risk out of the situation with a portable breathalyzer.

These simple devices now include removable mouthpieces which mean you don’t even need to worry about hygiene.

  1. Rooftop Tent

If you’re of the more outdoorsy persuasion, you can turn your car into a mobile campsite with a rooftop tent. These nifty contraptions will let you take your adventure onto four wheels.

Rooftop tents use the frame of your vehicle as to the base of a tent. They fold down to tiny proportions, allowing you to focus on other supplies for your camping trip.

These tents are now available in many sizes and to suit all budgets.

A Whole Host of Gadgets For Your Car

There are gadgets for your car that will suit every taste and fashion.

Whether you are looking for a simple fashion accessory to make your car stand out or a serious modification, there are now quality accessories readily available. Keep your car protected with a fitted, easy-to-use car cover. You’ll worry less about the vehicle’s condition outside or indoors. A paint job can cost a lot, so covering your car keeps potential costs at bay.

So don’t be afraid to do a bit of research and find that special item to make your vehicle stand out. If you have found this article useful, please feel free to comment with your favorite car tech accessory.

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