Best Five Music apps that don’t need Wi-Fi or Internet connection

Music is a drug that we are addicted to. We cannot fathom living without it. But, sometimes due to certain restrictions, we are not able to access the music. One such restriction is the internet connection that was previously, definitely required to access the radio or play your favourite rap play list. That trend has changed now. With the invent of offline radio, you can listen to your favourite tracks without any hassles and even with no connectivity.

It may seem to you that today, Internet is ubiquitous and anyone can access it but it certainly isn’t true. In developing nations and under-developed countries, having Internet connectivity is a huge deal and one is not just able to find it.

Today, let’s have a look at the top five music apps that let you play them even in the middle of the desert or the edge of a cliff with no connectivity with the world.


Pandora is one of the leading music streaming apps around the world. It has gained a lot of users lately and also musicians tend to release their singles and albums directly to Pandora. Recently, they acquired Rdio, which was also a music streaming app.

They announced Pandora Plus, which lets the users access their Music offline and has unlimited skips and replays allowed. It depends on predictive offline mode which stores your thumbprint station and the recent three music stations that you have listened to. It shows a pop up whenever you lose connectivity telling you that Pandora will be switching to your recent offline station.

The app is available across the platforms and is platform agnostic. It can be found in Android, iOS and Windows. It can also be accessed over the web.


Microsoft’s replacement to Zune, Groove music is a great app with fantastic UI. It has become the number one music streaming app in Canada recently, which is fantastic. It also made its way to Android and iOS after being exclusively available to Microsoft’s own platform, Windows.

It has OneDrive cloud integration which can be used to play directly from the cloud. Groove Music Pass lets you play ad free music and listen to radio stations based on your favourite musicians. It lets you play offline with no connectivity and there’s this cool feature which lets you access the music from your Xbox.

Groove is currently available for iOS, Android and Windows (Both PC and Mobile). Microsoft’s latest creators update has changed the UI of groove and many other Microsoft apps to a transparent Aero-like design called the Fluent design.


Spotify is one of the best and most popular music streaming services available, and as such it has a 20 million rich collection of tracks available for its users to throw their ears on. It comprises of a thriving hub of third-party apps as well that includes the BBC’s Playlist service among many other through which you could extend your listening.

One of the brilliant feature this app contains is the sharing feature.It lets you share what you’re listening to with friends and family, which is pretty cool. Once you connect with the social networking sites, Facebook or Twitter, then the app will post what you’ve been listening to and the friends can comment on it. Spotify premium apk is available in Android and iOS and windows (Both PC and Mobile)

Sound Cloud

This is like the library and the social network of audio files in the internet. Anyone can record their music or Audio and upload it into Sound Cloud. It’s like a repository. It lets you upload your own mixes and tracks as well, which is amazing indeed. Sound Cloud is one of the best music streaming apps that combines a music streaming service with social media. Podcasts too are available in this app, which is great for all the podcast lovers out there.

Using Sound Cloud, you can even browse for latest and original artists or listen to some of your old favorites. All you need to do is make an account, and then you can follow your favourite singers, like certain songs. You can even comment at any point in a certain song. It lets you play your songs offline too. It’s a great app for finding unpopular local talent.

It’s a well thought out app but unfortunately only available for Android and Apple devices with no certainty of a Windows 10 mobile app in the near future, which is a shame.

iHeart Radio

iHeartRadio is one of the best music streaming apps that gives you instant access to more than 800 radio stations from across all the major towns and cities in the U.S. It has a fantastic option where users can make their own custom stations based on their preferred group of bands, artists or songs. With this app, you can listen to music stations that best suits almost every taste you can fathom. It also has seasonal surprises like Christmas music which is pretty cool especially during the holiday season.

Podcasts too are available in this app, referred as talk radio. Offline music is available but comes with ads in between, which is understandable. This app is great if you are into podcasts and listen to them on your way to work in the subway or while driving.


There you go. Your top five music apps you can access to without an internet connection. Among them, Sound Cloud is my favorite and the most unique one as it lets anyone access it, upload their own creations and interact with people. It’s just like a social media site. Groove is another app with amazing UI and animations and is well thought out by Microsoft. But in the overall list, Spotify and Pandora top the list with most of the music accessible through them and as they’re popular since the beginning of the music streaming apps. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite.

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