Free Mobile Games that runs without the Internet

Gaming is perhaps the best way to shun away from your boredom if you are lacking internet connectivity or need to refresh your mind. There are numerous games available on the internet that are too good to entertain you and acts as a stress buster, but sometimes the over usage of the data pack can ruin the entire fun. What is the use of a game if it demands continuous internet connectivity? Here we’ll discuss some popular mobile games that run without the need of internet connection, and you can easily download them on your Smartphone.

Temple Run 2

Temple run is one of the prominent offline games that offer incredible adventurous entertainment on your Smartphone. The game is superiorly designed in a way to enhance the overall gaming leisure, and the game is available for all the leading mobile platforms. Temple Run features continual running journey of an archeologist who wishes to find out the secrets of the old temple and to find the antique golden idol. The game is fully-loaded with adventures and hurdles in the form of monsters that always run behind the player. Apart from this, the game has impeccable graphics and superior audio that enhances the pleasure of gaming. The latest version of the game is Temple Run 2 that is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store; you can download the game for your device at free of cost. Furthermore, you can also search for the APK file in case you are using an Android device. You just need to type Best Free Offline Games on a search engine, and you will get the relevant results.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is the finest game that features smashing the glass objects that comes in your way by using metallic balls. The player needs to focus on the objects made of glass and hit them with the help of balls, each time you hit the object and smash it you will get extra points as well as balls. Furthermore, the game has superior graphics and fine audio experience that takes you to an entirely new world of gaming. There are certain hurdles in the game that may slow down your speed and eventually decrease the number of balls that you have. You can download the game for your tablet, PC, and mobile phone by exploring the official application store as per your operating system. Also, you can download the game from the official website of the company.  You can also search for similar games by typing Best Free Games Without WiFi, and you will get related information.

Doodle Jump

Doodle jump is an arcade game that may seem to be simple but may eventually annoy you until you have mastered the exact way to play the game. The game is based on a jumping platform, and the player needs to jump accurately to get on the bars without falling in space. There are numerous obstacles such as the propeller hats and jet packs that will irritate you and shift your focus leading you to fall in the space. This is game for people who are seeking challenging gaming experience and need to sharpen their minds. The game is available free of cost and for all leading mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

Make More

Make More is a one of its kind game that entirely focuses on the number of taps on the screen that decides your overall points. In this game, one has to tap on the screen as fast as possible to manufacture different products in a factory, and you will earn points based on the taps. There are no controls on the main screen, and all you need to do is to tap repeatedly. The more the speed of tap more will be the output and increased points. Apart from this, there is a greedy boss that angrily demands more products. As you clear the basic levels, you are moved to higher tough levels that are comparatively more complex. It is a perfect time pass without the need for internet connectivity available for your Android and iOS devices.

Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania is a cute fun game that features breeding of dragons in a personal garden park, and you can utilize your dragons in battles. The pet dragons can easily attack the opponent by different ways such as fire breath weapon and other similar ways of attacking the rivals. The game has great graphics and audio experience that will give you an immense pleasure of gaming. You can also play this game online as well as in offline mode, the online game has some advanced features and modes, but the offline game is also a good option in case you wish not to spend your data pack. Apart from this, the game is based on an old game named as Dragon City. It is also available on different mobile platforms, and you can download the offline version of the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Rovio is known for their finest games and has eventually set a benchmark as the premium game developer by making the Angry Birds game series. The company has recently launched the latest version of their renowned game i.e. the Angry Birds Star Wars 2, which is packed with high definition graphics coupled with entirely new characters that superiorly enhances the gaming pleasure. The latest version has some additional features that complement the basic design of the game as it was in the ancestor versions. The best part about this game is that it is available for tablets as well as PCs and you can download the offline version of the game.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is one of the games that has crossed millions of downloads since its launch. The game features endless snowboarding throughout the game, and the player needs to collect the coins that increase the overall points. The design and looks of the game are simple yet attractive, and the controls are also smooth. There are certain obstacles including the climate change that increases the difficulty level. The game is simple and fun, and you just need to collect the coins to increase the score. This game is also available for Microsoft devices and available on Windows Store.

Infinity Loop

The simple and relaxing Infinity Loop game has eventually attracted millions of gamers around the globe. The game features crafting of different shapes by merging different objects to make a complete figure without any breaks. The game has an additional dark mode in which you have to break the shape into smaller individual shapes. It is a fun time pass game that refreshes your mind.


The market is flooded with numerous offline games that are too good to resist. You must download the game from the official store or website of the company to ensure that the game is genuine.

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