TweakBox App Installation Guide for iPhone and iPad

TweakBox app is one of the top mobile app installers for iOS devices, offering apps and games not found in the official app store. There are plenty of awesome apps and games for free, that have been tweaked with different features and even a few Cydia tweaks, emulators and cleanup tools. TweakBox Installer is available for free, and there is no need to install a jailbreak to use it.

How to Download TweakBox Installer: 

TweakBox is compatible with all iOS devices on all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 12+ and is dead simple to install.

  1. Open your Safari browser and go to the TweakBox Installer
  2. Click Install Now and then on Install
  3. Your settings app is automatically opened, click on Install
  4. If needed, enter your passcode and then click on Install once more
  5. Click on Done and go back to your Home screen
  6. You should see the new app icon and installation is successful.
  7. If the icon has not appeared, try the steps again

App Features: 

TweakBox is full of different choices and, when you open the installer, you will find four separate categories. Each one has plenty of content to choose from, with more than 2000 apps in total:

  • Appstore Apps – premium and free official apps
  • TweakBox Apps – apps you won’t find in an official source – streaming apps like MovieBox and Popcorn Time, games emulators, cleanup tools, screen recorders and a lot more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock iOS apps that have extra tweaks to make your user experience much better, includes apps like YouTube++, Instagram++, Spotify++, and many more
  • Modified Games – modified games that have all their in-app purchases unlocked for free, extra features added and lots of other modifications that you won’t find on the stock version of the games.

How to Use TweakBox: 

TweakBox  is an easy installer to use; just install it, following the steps above, and then:

  1. Open the installer using the icon on the home screen
  2. Decide which category you want (see Features) and tap on it
  3. Now find what you want to download – you can look through the category or use the search bar
  4. Tap on your app or game, tap on Install and wait for it to be installed

Fixing Untrusted Developer Error: 

Because this is an unofficial app installer and because most of the content is unofficial, we do need to trust the developer on our devices so that they will work. If you don’t do this when you try to use the installer you will get and Untrusted Developer error. Here’s how to fix this:

  1. Open your iPhone or iPad Settings app
  2. Tap General and then go to Profiles and Device Management
  3. Go to the Enterprise section and tap on the name of the developer
  4. Tap on Trust and then tap Trust again on the popup message
  5. Close Settings, you can now get into TweakBox and use any of the apps and games

Is it Safe? 

TweakBox is entirely safe to use. For a start, the installer has SSL encryption built-in; regular updates are released to keep it safe, and there is no risk of external threat because you are not jailbreaking to use it.

The only thing we would say is while it is safe, there’s nothing like covering your own back; install reputable anti-virus software on your device and use one of the TweakBox recommended VPNs too.

Download TweakBox and let us know what you think. For more tips and recommendations like this, follow us on Facebook.

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