Must Have Mobile Apps for Movie Lovers

For all those movie lovers out there, you need to download the top movie related mobile applications to improve your film experience and film knowledge.  Do you pride yourself on your limitless movie expertise?  Do you deserve to write reviews on Rotten Tomatoes due to the long list of movies you watch on a daily basis?

There are apps for your Ipod or android phone that you must have. Don’t worry about your healthy movie obsession. Instead enhance your movie expertise potential with these amazing must have movie apps.

Must Have Mobile Apps for Movie Lovers


If you’re a movie lover and you don’t have the Fandango mobile app, then something might be seriously wrong with you.  When not take advantage of the instant access to movie times when you enter your current zipcode?  The convenience of this application is incomparable.  The information available benefits movie buffs who want to see a flick at the last second.  You’ll never miss a show time with this tool.

Plus, who wants to stand in the long annoying lines on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights?  Fandango enables movie goers the ability to purchase tickets ahead of time.  You don’t want to arrive at the movie theater to find out that all the shows are sold out.  Also, you’ll avoid the long lines by simply picking up your tickets at the electronic kiosk. Going to the movies isn’t the same without this mobile application.

CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is one of the best online streaming applications where you can stream out your favorite movies and shows on your device for completely free. You can install this application for free from here and install like any other application. Need to give a try by all the movie lovers out there. The User interface and the baggage of movies available in Cyberflix TV is immensely huge. There are lots of genres available im this application and you can choose your favorite one’s and start streaming on the go.


IMDB is the source of all movie information online.  If you have a question about an actor, movie, director, or anything at all related to films, then IMDB is your go to information guide.  You’ll never miss a beat when reading your favorite actor or actress’ biographies.  Increase your film expertise with this valuable mobile app.


You have the ability to access streaming television shows, comedy skits, documentaries, and movies with this mobile app.  Netflix remains a popular source of video entertainment for consumers.

Although you may still have to request certain DVDs or Blu-ray discs specifically through the mail, some films are worth the wait.  The wide selection available through the app gives users limitless options to sidestep boredom and increase their movie knowledge.

Even at home, you can access this app through your tablet or smart TV.  Hooking your tablet up to the television with the latest sound technology will create an unforgettable surround sound experience. If you’re a movie expert, you can’t accept anything less than the best quality. Audio quality is as important for movie lovers as the video. Great audio enhances the movies you watch.


There are times when you don’t have room in your schedule for a visit to the movies.  Redbox kiosks at the grocery store, pharmacy, or wherever they are located present the next best option for the movie lover.

Don’t you hate it when you finally get to the Redbox kiosk and the one movie you desperately wanted to watch is unavailable?  Avoid this dilemma with the Redbox mobile applications.

The app allows users to locate nearby Redbox kiosks, see which movies and games are available, and reserve them for pickup before you even leave the comfort of home.  You’ll rarely be disappointed when grabbing a movie on the go anymore. Also, don’t concern yourself with the pressure of choosing a film quickly as other customers wait anxiously behind you.

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