5 Tools That Can Help You With Multimedia Content

If you have a website or an online business and you only publish text content you are missing out on the opportunity to attract many more visitors and potential customers by leveraging multimedia content like images, audio and videos.

Articles that contain images are much more engaging and tend to get shared on social media much more often. Audio content is getting more importantnow as people have audio interfaces all around them, including devices assmartphones, smart speakers like Amazon Echo and of course Google Home.

In general, the latest statistics show that 75% of Internet traffic is made of videos, which is why creating video content is essential. If you’re not doing video marketing already then this is definitely something you should be adding to your strategy.

Below you will find five tools that will help you with multimedia content and marketing.

1. Pixabay

Every single article and page on your website should have an image and preferably more than just one. However, you can’t just search Google for images that are related to your content. Most of the time the images that you will find will be copyright protected. This means that legally you are not allowed to use them. On Pixabay, on the other hand, you will find royalty free images that you can use free of charge.

2. VideoShout

As stated above to create video content is very important, however it can also be very expensive and time consuming. VideoShout is a software that can convert text and website articles into video content. You can decide if you want your videos to have just a background music or a robot narration, therefore you can use this tool to create both marketing videos and content videos.

3. YouTube music library

Just like with images, most of the most music files including intros that you will find on Internet is copyright protected. If you want to use music on one of your projects, you should look for royalty free music. Luckily YouTube has a music library where you can download such music.

4. SoundCloud

Creating a podcast is a very good way to engage your existing audience and to get new fans because some people prefer to listen to audio content. A few good examples would be the time when they are commuting to work, exercising or washing their dishes. Hosting and delivering audio files can be expensive, which is why using a platform like SoundCloud is a great idea, as it will bring your costs down to zero.

5. Giphy

These days you need to have an online presence on social media sites too and nothing can be more popular than funny GIFs on those sites. Giphy is a website where you can search for GIFs on all sorts of topics. Once you find one that you like you can just copy and paste the code into your post.Nice and easy!

At the end of the way, if you don’t want to fall behind your competition then video marketing is a must thing to do, so hopefully these 5 resources will help you to get started.

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