What You Need to Know About the Classic Rolex Lady Datejust

Everyone knows that Rolex is one of the leading brands of Swiss-made watches. They have classic models and professional collections. Rolex has been leading the watch innovation from creating the first waterproof watch case and the first watch to have an automatic date display. Datejust is one of the sought-after Rolex watches for everyday use. Watch enthusiasts appreciate it for its simple yet elegant designs. It was in 1945 that they released the first model to celebrate Rolex’s 40th anniversary. It represents four decades of excellent watchmaking. The most iconic feature of the Datejust is the date aperture that automatically changes during midnight. Rolex produced the first Ladies Datejust version in the 1950s to cater to women who want a reliable everyday watch. Here are some things that you should know about this timepiece. 

A Feminine Version of the Well Built Datejust for Men

The Datejust for men has already been a popular choice for casual and formal watches. As Datejust has been a watch for notable personalities like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, President Eisenhower, and President Reagan, the Lady Datejust became one of Rolex best selling women’s watches. The Lady-Datejust collection is a smaller version of men’s Datejust with the same signature date reference placed at 3 o’clock. Though smaller, the Lady-Datejust has the same functionality, power, and reliability as the Datejust for men. However, the Datejust for men has masculine colors for the dials and has more straightforward hour markers than those for women. The Lady Datejust has many choices for the layout and color combinations. They also have models adorned with precious stones depending on your preferred style. The Rolex Lady Datejust price ranges from 6,000 to 57,000 dollars, depending on the style. The Rolex Lady Datejust has more to offer. From its first model until now, Rolex persistently improves every watch’s aspect to be relevant today.

Styles for Every Character and Personality

You have a variety of designs and hues to choose from for the Lady-Datejust collection. It is available in Oyster Steel, yellow and Everose gold. Rolex exclusively makes the 18ct Everose gold. It has a darker pink color compared to the usual rose gold and is a crowd favorite. Although pink is a girly color, the darker shade of the Everose gold displays a strong personality. There are also available models in the Rolesor version, which combines Oyster Steel and any color of gold. This Rolesor color combination is a more creative choice. 

The 950 Platinum is the most robust available metal used to furnish the timepieces. You can also choose between a domed, fluted, or diamond-set bezel. The more expensive models have diamond-designed dials, which is a head-turner as it shines even in the dark with little light. Models with shimmering mother-of-pearl dials make an elegant watch that presents the graceful side of every woman. If you want simple or gems or roman numerals for the hour markers, Rolex got it for you. For a minimalist look, you can opt for the simple hour markers. Gemstones used for hour markers show elegance, and the roman numerals are for easy reading and are somewhat vintage.

Powerful in Every Way

Each part that makes up the Rolex watches must pass or even surpass the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) standards. That is why they carefully make and assemble everything. Even the smallest part received the utmost attention. Rolex is famous for its robust men’s watch, but it also takes pride in its collection for women. Like the Lady-Datejust, which has comparable performance to the Datejust designed for men. The Rolex signature Oyster case houses the Lady-Datejust components inside. Its 28 mm size is ideal for an elegant and feminine look. You don’t have to worry about immersing in water and forgetting to take off your watch. It is waterproof for 100 meters. The case is completely sealed and can stand the pressure underwater. 

The middle part of the case has the corrosion-resistant blocks of Oyster Steel, 18ct gold, or 950 platinum. There are two available types of bracelets for this collection. The Jubilee bracelet is specially designed for the Datejust when it was first released in 1945. It is a five-piece link metal bracelet designed for comfort and flexibility. Securing the bracelet to the wrists is the concealed Rolex Crownclasp. Another type of bracelet is the President. Exclusive to Rolex, it is a semi-circular, three-piece link made of 8ct gold or 950 Platinum. It has the same Crownclasp as the Jubilee bracelet. This elegant concealed Rolex clasp creates a seamless effect on the bracelet. The calibre 2236 is a self-winding mechanical movement, powers this Rolex watch family model. It has the patented Syloxi hairspring, which can withstand varying temperatures and is ten times more precise in case of shock. This Rolex watch is not only beautiful outside but is also powerful inside.

In Conclusion

The Datejust is one of the most popular Rolex watches due to its reliability and functionality. It is not only in demand for men but also for women. With its variety of designs to choose from, you can wear a Lady-Datejust that appreciates your individuality. The prices vary depending on the design, materials used, and the components and assembly complexities. Now that you already have a clearer view of the capacity and the choices you have for the Lady-Datejust watch, check out the available models in It is a perfect gift for your special someone, your loved ones or gives it as a reward for yourself.

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