Cosmopolitan Watches: 7 Best Rolex Watches for Women

When it comes to accessories for us women, the initial choice has always been jewelry. We do not blame them, though. Who can resist all those sparkling, precious jewelry that makes us shine bright and stand out from the crowd? However, jewelry is not the only thing that can adorn us, women. People say that it is an accessory primarily by men, but with the rise of many strong, independent, and cosmopolitan women, we beg to disagree. Luxury watches are also now becoming one of the must-haves for every successful woman in the world. If you are someone who just reached an important milestone in your life, pampering yourself with some precious watches—Rolex watches—will be a great idea. Here are some of the choices you can choose from:

1. Lady Datejust 36 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Watch

Rolex Datejust series offers a breathtaking selection of different colors and materials. If you want a luxury watch that you can wear for different outfits, this Rolex Datejust 36 for women with a blue dial and stainless-steel Oyster watch may be your best bet. Contrasting its light-colored band is the mesmerizing blue dial that Rolex prides itself with. The Rolex Datejust 36 ensures the durability of its make. Its steel alloy is also medical grade. What is more lovely about this is that diamonds frame its face beautifully. This is just one of the most breathtaking Rolex watches for women out there.

2. Yacht-Master 37 Everose Gold Oysterflex Watch

If you are a bit bold and daring, with a sweet and sexy side inside, you will surely fall in love with this black-pink duo sports watch. This watch might look a bit feminine, but it is actually a unisex design. That is why you will see that its dial is a bit bigger than usual. It has luminous hands and the iconic Yacht-Master rotating bezel. But the thing that will make you fall in love with the Yacht-Master 37 is the contrasting colors of the black with the pink shades of the timepiece. The Everose gold does a great job with the black dial and the Oysterflex band. The technology of the Rolex Oysterflex is also something. It combines the durability of metal with the malleability of rubber.

3. Lady Datejust 31 Pink Diamond Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet Watch

If you liked the black and pink combo of the Yacht-Master 37, you would also fall in love with the white and pink duo of this breathtaking timepiece. The lightness of the stainless-steel color complements very well the elegant pink tone of the dial. You can bet that this timepiece is as durable and secure as can be. It can take your dance moves on a wild Friday night! This is because of its three-link Oyster band. This bracelet-watch is also adorned with an 18k white gold bezel with a pink dial embedded with diamonds.

4. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Rose Gold

If you want something sexy, bold, yet elegant at the same time, consider getting the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Rose Gold dial and the same rose gold color stainless steel Oyster watch. The Daytona models were engineered for professional race car drivers. You might be familiar with actor and race car driver Paul Newman. This timepiece has a ceramic bezel where a tachymeter scale is engraved. Its dial has three sub-dials that allow the wearer to calculate their average driving speed. Despite this race-car driver orientation for the watch, everyone will definitely fall in love with its rose gold color. Even pop star Miley Cyrus wears a Rolex Daytona.

5. Rolex Submariner Black Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Watch

The Rolex Submariner in Black Dial Stainless Steel Oyster watch offers the utmost elegance to your look. What can go wrong with black? Like our usual trend with other watches above, this timepiece brilliantly gives off a good compliment with the light color of the stainless-steel Oyster and the black dial of the watch. Wearing this will truly make you look sleek and professional.

6. Datejust 36 Mother of Pearl Dial Watch

Whoever says pearl is out? With Rolex Datejust 36, pearl is definitely in with its beautiful mother of pearl dial watch. Compared with the other watches above, this watch has black leather as its strap. It offers great contrasting color, too, with the diamond bezel and the white gold case. The dial is made from the mother of pearl which fits well with the Rolex nautical theme.

7. Lady Datejust 31 Yellow Gold President Watch

Rolex has always been regarded as the watch fit for presidents. Barack Obama, JFK, Winston Churchill, and other personalities were seen before wearing Rolex watches. With the Lady Datejust 31 President Watch, you will also get to stand out from the crowd because of its commanding and bold features. If you are going to choose a watch to celebrate your milestone and perfectly express your status, this might just be it.

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Here are just some of the Rolex watches that will be perfect for every goal-driven woman out there. Just make sure to choose the Rolex watch that you love. Make sure to also purchase your watches only from reliable shops to ensure the authenticity of the watch you are going to get. Lots of stores and online shops are out there to bring you the best selection of watches, like Check it out!

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