Crucial Things For A Proxy Service Provider

If you are new to this internet world, you might not know the meaning of the term “proxy.” However, there is a lot that you can learn. The term proxy or sometimes proxy server is an app or computer acting as the gateway between the computers in an organization and the internet.  As proxy will be the link between the internet and you, it helps you enjoy diverse levels of security, privacy, and functionality.

When you want a proxy, it will depend on your company policy, needs, and usage situation. Besides, there is more you can know about the proxy server. At fineproxy, you can get all the needed information and a guide on why you should use a proxy.


Proxy servers are useful for daily tasks. If you use a proxy server, it will forward the browsing request you make, and then make changes to that data to ensure the information is available. That is why the proxies vary depending on your needs.

In the market, there are various types of these proxies. You have to be acquired with essential information about proxies before you find and pick the perfect service provider. For proxy servers, they include anonymous proxy, transparent proxy, distorting, and high anonymity. Having that in mind, let look at the benefits of these proxies:

  • Helps you access the internet anonymously
  • Helps to improve online security
  • Great SEO tools and also web search
  • Helps with effective online advertisement

Having known the various advantages of these proxies, let’s look at the service provider. How should you choose the best and reliable service provider?

  • Look for a Legitimate firm

You don’t have to go to any company that is claiming to offer proxy services. So, before making any request to buy your proxies online, you have to ensure that the company you’re dealing with is legitimate.

Looking for a legal service provider ensures that the company is responsible for legal obstacles that will encounter while using proxies for personal or business needs.

  • Avoid company offering free proxies

There are many proxy service providers claiming that they will offer free proxies and then charge a little amount when you place an order. The best thing is to ensure you buy your proxies. Choosing free proxies will come with technical and legal issues although that seems to be a good deal. Besides, the disadvantage of these free proxies is because they are shared, less anonymous, and unreliable when compared to paid proxies.

  • Look at the provider’s IP pool

In case you need proxies that you can use at a specific location, then a provider having a big pool will be an added advantage. If a company has a large number of these proxies, it will meet your needs. The bigger the pool, the lower the number of IP hitches.

  • Look at providers prices

The cost of the proxy is also a great determinant to consider. This is because money plays a great role in search of the best proxy and service provider.

For shared proxies, they tend to be less expensive than the dedicated or semi-dedicated types. So, when you get cheap dedicated proxies, you have to ensure that you’re not sharing.

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