Secured Your Emailing Activity with Mailfence

Data security has become a major concern nowadays. From big corporate houses to individual users, everyone is concern about the security of their online data. The giants of the corporate world have many options to keep their data secure, but the individual users don’t have many options to keep their data safe.

We all follow the basic rules to keep our online data of passwords, username, bank details safe from the prying eyes of hackers. In order to protect the important online data like bank details etc., we keep changing them or using more difficult passwords. Here, we need to understand that our e-mail communication is as important data to us as our bank details are. We trust big names like Gmail and others due to their convenient features, but the fact is, they are not reliable for secure mail.

To ensure the privacy and security of your emails, you will have to look for a reliable service that can protect your emails from cyber-attack. Mailfence is one of the services that offer email encryption to users to secure their emails.

Mailfence not only helps you to reclaim your right to privacy but it also comes with the features that manage your email communication. In short, Mailfence protects your e-mails from cyber-attacks without making it complicated for the access of end user.

Here is the review of services that Mailfence offers to the end user to keep their mail secure and hack-proof.

Mailfence Review

Mailfenceoffers an encrypted email service for an end to end encryption of emails and digital signature. This service has become one of the most preferred services for secure e-mail. Mailfence not only offers a secure mail but it offers an overall package with secure Calendar, Documents, Groups, and other tools.

Here are the features of Mailfence that to protect our online data.

·        The Utmost Privacy

According to Mailfence “Privacy is a right, not a feature” and to keep its words, it makes sure that data of users is being protected under the law. It may surprise you, but Mailfence services follow the Belgian Law. The company is not liable to any other country in the world; hence your data will be protected, and it will not be released according to the law of any country except Belgium. Although it happens very rarely in this country to give the order to release the email data as the privacy security law are strict here.

·        Encrypted E-mails

Encryption is considered as the most secure technique to keep an online document safe and free from cyber-attack.  The encrypted document is safe because only the sender and receiver can read it and for any third party it cannot be accessed or decoded. When you take the services of Mailfence, you make your e-mails secure as no one must access to read your encrypted emails not even the employees of the company. The services of this company work on end to end encryptions. The private key of a customer gets stored in the server, so it is present in the company but cannot be read.

·        No Third-Party Access

To ensure the security of users’ data, Mailfence has not allowed any third-party advertising agency. The company also says that it will never commercialize the database of users of the advertisement or any other purpose. Mailfence hasn’t include backdoors to facilitate access from government agencies to keep the users’ online data secure.

·        Digital Signature and OpenPGP Keys

The digital signature feature of Mailfence makes its security stronger and trusted. Over the internet, you cannot trust easily but to maintain the high alertness is also not possible all the time and as you become carefree and fraud happens. So, to make you safe from any online fraud, the company has introduced the feature of a digital signature. This signature is similar to your handwritten signatures, and it is set to confirm that the message is actually from you.

Integrated keystore is another feather on the cap of this online data security provider. This feature shows the preparation of the company to secure the online data of its users without any hassle.  This feature allows the users to create, import, publish and manage OpenPGP keys with ease.

·        Pricing

Mailfence offers a free plan to add new users. This free plan is applicable on 500MB emails, 500MB documents and up to 1000 events in the calendar along with managing one email contacts group. This is an introduction plan from the company to showcase its features.  The cost of entry from Mailfenceis 2.50 EUR. This plan supports the p to 5GB emails and ten aliases, up to 12 GB documents and 10000 events in the calendar. If you have a business, then you can also customize your plan as per the requirement of your business.

The Conclusion

Overall the security Mailfence offers to its users are worth appreciating. In today’s time, Data is an asset to companies and individuals. So, if you want to secure your online data, you should definitely go for the services of this company.

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