How is Internet Speed Is Measured?

Have you ever wondered how internet speed is measured? Do you know what the words: kilobits, megabits, and bandwidth actually mean? You’re not alone. Many people out there don’t know. They aren’t concerned about it; they only care about how fast their internet is and if it’s fast enough to stream Game of Thrones. But, if you’re into tech and want to learn more, then read on and find out the nitty-gritty of internet speed.

Internet Speed Measurement

Internet speed is the speed with which data travels from the World Wide Web to your PC, smartphone, tablet or any other device you use to surf the internet. This speed is measured in Mbps – short for megabits per second. One megabit equals 1,024 kilobits or kbps.

Many factors are taken into account for measuring the speed of the internet. The speed tests that are available online use a complex algorithm to work it out. High-speed internet connections – like broadband – are those with a download speed of at least 768 kbps and a minimum upload speed of 200 kbps. Download speed is the rate at which digital data is transferred from the World Wide Web to your computer, while the upload speed is the exact opposite. If you don’t have any clue as to how fast your internet connection is, then try a speed test and find out whether you’re getting the speed you paid for or not.

Factors that Affect Internet Speeds

The type of connection you’re using can have a major impact on your internet speed. Examples of connections include dial-up or modem, broadband, 3G, 4G, DSL, cable, ISDN, satellite and more.

Sometimes a website’s capabilities can affect the download and upload speeds of your connection. For example, highly-trafficked websites may cause your connection to run slower. Moreover, if third-party networks have speed limitations in place, you won’t be able to upload or download content at top internet speeds.

Bad connections and wires can also affect your connection speed. If you have outdated equipment, then you might not be able to surf the web at a high speed.

Get a High-Speed Connection

Whether you’re using the internet at home or in your office, you’ll need a high-speed connection that can successfully meet your needs. If your internet connection is slow or keeps on disconnecting, you should consider changing your internet service provider or getting a better connection. How? Compare different broadband plans to find the best internet plan for you.

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