3 Ways For Business Owners To Optimise their Data Management

Does your business suffer from sluggish data that takes forever to access and even longer to properly manage?

It may be time to restructure your networking framework, it will allow you to more efficiently store, send, receive and manage data.

Optimising data management will provide you with more security as you are less likely to lose essential information or resources.

It will also offer your business more robust security against malicious attackers seeking to penetrate your data.

With some easy changes, you will be able to revamp your data management in a way that offers you a framework of systems optimised for your business and its specific operations.

Know Your Workload

Servers, routers and drives on an enterprise-scale are often tailored to handle certain types of data.

Some are optimised for audio-video data while others may cover transaction information, there are even servers set specifically for artificial intelligence and computer learning.

Look into the industry that you work in, consult with experts and develop a greater understanding of the workload that you handle.

An office space that mostly handles the sending and receiving of emails would not benefit from processors that are optimised for CAD (computer-aided design) functionality.

Optimised equipment will provide you with more efficient data management solutions.

You can even opt for configured equipment that’s tailored to your specific workload – the more you know about your workload, the more personalisation suppliers will be able to offer your business.

Refurbished Equipment

Sometimes new and shiny just isn’t the best option, you may need to look around a bit but expertly refurbished enterprise equipment can be found at reduced rates.

Many businesses fall into the trap of opting for brand new mid-market servers when a refurbished model offers superior management for their specific workload.

Take the refurbished servers available at ETB Tech, for example, you will receive a high-quality piece of equipment at often half of the retail price of inferior models.

Most cite reliability as their reason for choosing new over refurbished but often refurbished equipment is thoroughly tested by an experienced team of IT engineers.

They also often come with a warranty that ensures you will be covered should they let you down.

If you’re looking for bespoke solutions on a budget, refurbished equipment really is the way to go.

Leverage The Use Of Switches

I have heard switches described as the “weekend boy” of networking and while, yes, their capabilities aren’t as far reaching as a router they can assist your management tenfold.

Ethernet switches can be deployed on almost any scale and provide your business with more efficient networking through multi-layer switching that will shoot your data around with seamless performance.

If you use switches as a supplemental performance booster you will see the efficiency of your data management within your business increase tenfold.

There are, of course, many other ways to optimise data management but when putting together a data framework these are great places to start.

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