Show Your Loved Ones that You Care For Them Through Videos

In this media-driven world, where people all over the world are connected online, it is easier to touch the hearts of people through videos. A video, being a visual presentation of ideas, has more impact. Ranging between 10 seconds to several hours, a video is one of the most effective tools of communication. InVideo is one of the best video editing software for free.

Occasions for making videos?

A make a poster from a picture that is bound to make a lasting impression. Video is an engaging method as well, and emotions are aroused well through the use of video editing software that is freely available online like InVideo. For any occasion, from birthdays to weddings, bachelor parties to baby showers, or simply to celebrate love and friendship; a video is capable of stimulating emotions as no words can.

People often use a video editing software for free or make posters from pictures to create a story and develop it in the form of videos. For example, for weddings, the event managers make a video to showcase the journey of the bride and the groom right from the time they met to the time they decided to get married.

During wedding anniversaries, especially silver and golden jubilee, the couple’s journey together is traced – their joys, sorrows, the birth of their children, etc.  These memories are created in the form of a story. When the children of the friends make these videos for the couple celebrating their love, they are delighted.

How does video help?

This is the beauty of the best free video editing software or a picture video maker like InVideo where visual information becomes so impactful and creates a level of empathy among the people who watch them. A self-explanatory and expressive video is sure to touch the hearts of millions.

When someone watches a movie, a story is being narrated visually. Here, the audience empathizes with the victim, feels happy at a joyous event and his/her conscience is shaken when an important message is conveyed through the movie. Even a shorter video which is circulated on social media manages to arouse and encourage people to voice their opinion against injustice, makes a huge difference.

Imagine the power of the best free video editing software or a picture video maker when shared with someone you love and care about. The emotion gets accentuated and multiplies when a child makes a video for their parents thanking them for the love, support, and affection they have showered. When a parent makes a video for their child, showing how proud they are of his/her achievements, it moves the child.

You need not be an expert in making videos or posters. One can make use of InVideo to make a poster from a picture or a touching video. The idea is not to create a video that is technically sound or free from errors; the idea is to use the video or poster to celebrate the love and show your affection for your loved ones.

If the element of animation is added to the videos, often videos become more entertaining and engaging. The logic is the same as in the case of the 2-D or 3-D movies. It is engaging, and people are mesmerized with the magic of technology to show emotions.

A video is a memory created for life. One can always store it, revisit it and cherish the moments for years to come. Not only can it be preserved by also shared across continents and oceans. A grandfather sitting in India can become speechless, seeing his grandchild growing up and sharing his achievements with him. A video made on the best free video editing software or a picture video make can make these moments priceless and heart-touching.

How to make an impactful video?

Develop a storyline

You can celebrate the promotion of a new job or any such event in your other half’s life by encouraging her and showing how proud you are of them. If you are celebrating your anniversary or birthday of your spouse, use the opportunity to celebrate your love and share how precious each moment spent with him/her is. So the story should have a purpose and a flow sending a message.

Use suitable pictures

Video can be made in the form of stringing pictures together with some words defining the storyline. Photos can also be used to remind people of the moments they have spent together and infused the same emotion. It especially works wonders, if you bring out amazing pictures out of the closet, leaving the loved one pleasantly surprised.

Texts as add-ons

The written text should be very minimal and the words should be chosen correctly. Emojis can be used. Phrases, similes, and proverbs could be used appropriately. But since the purpose is to share feelings with your loved one, the words need to be very simple and clear.

Animations where ever required

Animations can add a flavor to the video by acting as a fun element. It should, however, be a simple add on, in-sink with the video and should not take the focus out of the underlying content. It can be used to present the content differently or create a surprise element for the viewer.

Narration works

If the one making the video shares his experience, narrates his side of the story and tries to relive the moments spent, it completes the story. For example, in wedding receptions, often the bride’s parents share their experiences with their daughter and wish her well for the new life. This adds a beautiful angle to the story.

Today’s letters have been replaced by emails and written words have been replaced by videos. There is an opportunity for everyone to become creative, try new ways of expressing our love and reliving the moments spent together. Let’s create a beautiful and compelling video via InVideo!

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