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How to Get Free Chegg Accounts?

In our busy lives, it’s become more difficult for a student to complete his/her assignments on time. They need good assistance to compete with their classmates or batchmates. We all want solutions for our problems as soon as possible, but sometimes getting an answer to our queries is time-consuming and then also we end up wasting our time. That’s why we need regular support and guidance.

Free Chegg Accounts
Free Chegg Accounts

Chegg assists students and is a solution to all the problems mentioned above. The only issue with Chegg is that it’s not a free website, and you need to pay 14$ for a monthly subscription. It offers different packages, you can choose one, as per your preferences. In this article, we will provide you with some methods of getting a free Chegg account.

Through Chegg Free 28 Days Trial

Chegg provides free access to its documents, books, and other material free for 28 days. This trial allows the user to experience its services for free. For the trial, we have to fill payment details or card details, and after 28 days, it automatically extends the subscription. If we don’t cancel the membership before the expiring of the free trial, it will start deducting the payment for the next subscription.

Steps for a free trial subscription:

  1. Choose the right membership package.
  2. Sign up to your account.
  3. Add payment method.
  4. Cancel your subscription within 28days if you don’t want to continue with a paid subscription after the trial.

Free Chegg Accounts

After the trial of 28 days, if you want to continue with free access, you can search for free Chegg accounts on google. There are many websites on google that keep updating with chegg free accounts and passwords. This will take some time but worth it as, after all, you are getting them for free. They provide either free access to its user or that at a low price. This will be the easiest way to get access to complete Chegg’s services.

Search on Social Media

Another way of getting the Chegg account for free is by searching them on social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, Facebook, etc. Even if you failed to find one, you can post your question and there is a large probability that someone with access to the Chegg account may provide you a solution by getting help from Chegg. 


Earlier, we were wasting our money on costly Chegg subscriptions and were spoiling our time while switching from one site to another in search of answers to our queries. Now, we can get answers easily by using the above-mentioned methods and can save both money and time. This article will help the user to get free access to Chegg services and assistance.

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