Features Every Business Look for in A HOA Software Package

The right selection of the HOA software package makes it easier for the property manager in numerous ways. There is several specialized accounting software that enhances life-quality and streamlines business operations. Incorporating the HOA software package makes homeowners happy.

Let us see some of the key features of HOA software that you must consider when buying it.


There are other features to look for in a mobile app for HOA violations. Look for a mobile app that saves inspection data on the device. It will increase the speed and mitigation of issues linked to the loss of internet connectivity.

City Property Management is a leading company that provides professional-level HOA management services to communities in Arizona since 1979.  They provide a remarkable HOA mobile app that makes access to data and communication easy and quick.

Complete E-Payment System

The mobile app for HOA violations should provide a complete payment module that keeps a track of dues and payment-related information of the member. It should send out a reminder and offer convenient and automated access to electronic payment systems. This makes it easy to make payments and get paid reliably.


Mobile apps on theGoogle Play Store, Microsoft Store, or Apple Store goes through extensive testing. They are better in quality and more reliable than apps that are downloaded from another source.

Mobile App Support

This type of support offers anywhere and anytime access to live data in the business. Users get complete oversight over the properties as well as management from any part of the world. Thus, mobile app support does not require you to be office all the time.


This is another feature that you want in a mobile app for HOA violations. An efficient app enables users to do the work, record audio, add notes, click photos, and find out location on the map without pointless taps.


People who are looking for a perfect HOA software package should know that there is no “one size fits all” software package. It is required to find a solution that comes with modular alternatives. This helps the user choose the desired features without investing in unnecessary features when buying an HOA software package.


It is required that mobile city property management apps should use standardized references and notes, and alerts that can assist in the automation of core functions.


The mobile app you choose should provide automation options, that include the generation of letters, notes, and emails. Such type of automation reduces the workload of the manager and increases the productivity of a business.


The app you choose should be convenient to use. It should have a clean, intuitive, and simple interface. This will lessen the need to train the users. The app should provide all the information that you wish to see on the property, such as architectural requests, work orders, open violations, community gate codes, and account notes.


A powerful mobile app for tablets and smartphones makes HOA city property management efficient. These are HOA software-specific features that are not necessarily available in general-purpose software. Investing in a software package that provides the above features helps you get maximum benefits from it.

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