How Technology Has Impacted the Coworking Environment

Technological advancements have delivered some seismic changes to how we work and coworking has become an even more attractive option when you look at how easy it is to turn up and start working with a minimum of fuss.

It helps when the host has invested in the best coworking software available and has also provided every worker with the tools and environment that encourages maximum productivity.

Here is a look at some of the ways that technology has had a positive impact on a coworking environment.

Great security and access controls

There is little doubt that smart access control systems have made a big difference to coworking spaces.

Keyless access is proving popular with members, however, it also needs to be supported by a robust security system that ensures everyone can be reassured that they are protected.

Security is always going to be a challenge when you consider how many different people might be entering and exiting the building on a daily basis. Technology has evolved sufficiently to make it easy and efficient to check the credentials of every person using the building.

This is achieved with camera integrations and a good access control system that takes advantage of the latest tech.

Making the mundane happen in the background

Managing a coworking space with potentially hundreds of users to take care of requires some good software solutions.

Forward-thinking coworking spaces understand that it is all of those mundane tasks such as mailroom management that make all the difference. Thanks to technology, all of the little things that need to come together for maximum efficiency are taken care of with the right software solution.

Efficient communication

What defines the modern coworking space is the ability to communicate efficiently through all of the various channels available.

Technology has made it much easier to engage everyone in the coworking community through the use of a variety of apps and tools.

Bringing everyone together using apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook makes it easier to develop a community-minded atmosphere that encourages efficient communication throughout the building.

Software integration

One of the biggest challenges in a coworking facility is providing the right management software that allows users to access all of the services and administrative options they need.

It is good to note that solutions such as OfficeRnD, for instance, can act as an effective conduit so that users can integrate with popular accounting and payment software and systems.

This is an important aspect of managing a coworking space as it makes it possible to automate key business processes.

Managing a social calendar

It is also worth mentioning that one of the many positive aspects of coworking spaces is how socially dynamic they can be when compared to a more traditional office environment.

There are a number of adaptive and very efficient event management apps that make it easy for people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to come together and co-exist in a highly productive and social environment.

There is little doubt that technology has had a positive impact on the coworking environment and is one of the reasons why this way of working has become so popular.

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