Top 5 Best Head Phones Under Rs 500

While buying headphones, there are tons of things which you should check before proceeding. And most probably many people will not be having much knowledge about headphones and what to consider before buying headphones. Many headphones have jumped into the Indian market in 2016 and launched many budget headphones for consumers, this makes little difficult to choose the best and right one for your requirements.

In my opinion, what you should consider while headphone is the clarity of sound and it should be able to give a wonderful experience while watching movies just like a theater. To help out our readers, we’ve decided to prepare a list of Top 5 Best Head Phones under, now you don;t need to spend a lot of money on headphones when you can get great quality headphones at just Rs 500.

Top 5 Best Head Phones Under Rs 500

1.  Phillips SHE3200: What I like the most about Phillips SHE3200 is the design and incredible look. The quality of this earphones just feels like a premium one, and they are very comfortable. You can wear them for a house without any pain or issue. Now coming to the audio quality, these earphones comes with 14.32 nm Drivers and a killer combination of bass events which creates loud bass. Overall, it’s a good buy for youngsters.

2. Panasonic RP-HJE125E: Panasonic’s new earphones HJE125E looks so glossy with excellent build quality; this is our 2nd choice headphone which falls under Rs 500 price segment, and it deserves the 2nd spot on our list. I recommend these earphones to those who love listening music, the bass of these headphones are adamant and provides a clear surrounding sound experience. These earphones are available in many colors, and also it does noise cancellation for the better experience.

3.Boat Bassheads: Boat Bassheads is an another excellent earphones with great design. Boat Bassheads are the best in class headphones till date at this price point. The bass of these earphones are so deep and loud, especially recommended for electro music lovers. It also adds extra effect to produce the sound quality better and clear.

4. Philips SHQ1200: Here are another great earphones again by Phillips, the comfortability of this headphones are so cool, you can wear this for a long time. These headphones provide absolutely excellent sound experience while watching movies. To know the potential of these headphones, just listen to any 5D music, and I’m sure you’ll start loving these headphones just like I did.

5.Sennheiser Mx 170: Probably the last one in this least, Sennheiser Mx 170 might look old or even outdated, but the performance is incredible when compared today’s gen earphones. These are also very lightweight and feels good in ears, sound quality if not so great but it is good enough for casual users who listen to songs. The drivers of these earphones create strong sound in the surrounding to give a pleasant experience to the user.

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