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Create a Website using Webydo

Webydo is software that is used for creating as well as designing web pages. The software enables us to create outstanding and beautiful HTML websites without even making use of codes. With the help of this designing software the designers can easily bring to life any type of design they want. The software offers many other features as well as facilities to create and publish your website on the internet.

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Webydo is basically an output of website developer’s society. Each and every feature of Webydo is designed keeping in mind the various kinds of needs that a website creator requires. As the software is developed by the website developers themselves, the features that are embedded in the software are made very simple to use so that even the beginners can use them very easily. The features that Webydo offers for creating and publishing your website are:


Publishing your website independently

After you have finished designing your website, Webydo gives you the option to you to publish your website immediately on the sub domain of Webydo server. It also allows you to test your website as well as to share the website with your client to obtain review from them.

Custom Domain

At the time when your client’s website builder is completed and ready for publishing it on the domain, the software allows you as well as your client to choose a plan available on your Premium page and take the advantage of the advance hosting and also management tools offered by Webydo.

No need to set up anything

The software provides the designers with one in all integrated answer for management, creation as well as website hosting without even downloading the code. You need not to set anything or tie in with the help of this software the designers can focus on the creative side from the beginning to the end leaving behind all the technicalities.


Powerful Cloud Hosting

The advanced cloud hosting of Webydo is 24×7 monitored by our team and we make sure that your website is secure and live even in the time of huge traffic storms.

Secured Network

We implement database security of enterprise level that measures across the entire web hosting network in order to prevent hackers from meddling with the website of your client.

Fast responsive servers

Our company is partnered with the Akamai to provide you the fastest as well as most stable and also reliable servers present in the industry.

Presence of Automatic Backups

We ensure you to provide automatic backups so that the details always available to you.

Content delivery network

If you want that your website should upload as fast as possible you need to choose our service. To provide you this service we partnered with Akamai Company to supply you the Content Delivery Network which is one of the largest networks of servers that is placed across the world.

So in short the software is able to provide you all the features that you need to create the website and publish it on the internet.

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