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Top 4 Signs You Need Help With Your Online Presence

While you are capable of doing many things, cultivating and expanding your presence online is not among your talents. Don’t feel alone. Many successful business owners are brilliant when it comes to general operations but are not sure how to make the most of online resources. If your efforts seem to be producing lackluster results, it’s time to hire a professional to help. Here are four signs that indicate now is the time to find an expert to help with your search engine optimization.

Website Traffic is Low

The business website seems to be an excellent one. Unfortunately, it’s not attracting much attention. The weekly and monthly traffic figures have never been what you think they should be. What would it take to change that?

There’s a good chance that your site is not properly optimized for viewing on anything other than a desktop computer. Since many people now rely more on their smartphones to search for what they want, you need to either update your primary site, develop a companion site that displays well on smaller screens, or create an application that user can download. You’ll find that it’s possible to accomplish all these goals with the use of Seologist products designed to improve this foundation for your online reputation. After an audit, it will be easier to come up with a workable strategy and even create effective backlinks that lead people back to your new and improved website.

No One is Reading Your Blog

Blogs are effective ways to provide information people can use. They can also include links back to relevant pages on your website. The trick is to write effective copy that attracts the attention of search engines. That in turn allows you to create more relationships with loyal readers who are likely to share your blog posts with others.

Even if your blog copy is informational, it may not be optimized for search engines. A professional can research phrases people are using to find what you have to offer. Those can be inserted naturally into the copy and boost the readership. A professional can show you exactly how this is done.

Banner and Other Ads Aren’t Bringing in Returns

You’re spending money each month for online advertising, but you see little in the way of actual sales. It’s time to consider where those ads are running and if they provide enough motivation for people to click through and make a purchase. You will be surprised what an revamped ad campaign will do. By paying as much attention to placement as you do to creating ads that target the right customer demographics, you will see an increase in click-throughs and purchases.

Even Your Social Media is Stagnant

You created social media accounts and collected followers by including the links to those pages in your customer invoices. Since then, the pages haven’t attracted much attention. That’s because they are not providing people with reasons to read and share them.

Along with helping you with the question of “what is SEO strategy?” an expert can point out how new posts on a recurring basis that offer helpful tips and point back to your blog or website will increase the number of likes, shares, and follow-through traffic. Instead of being an afterthought, your social media pages become a primary element in your advertising and begin to generate more attention.

There’s a lot to building a solid online reputation. Seek help from an expert and all the elements will come together. Give it six months to a year and you’ll see why the effort was worth every penny.

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