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How Cloud Conference Solutions are Changing the World of Collaboration

Your company is growing, and employees are asking for work schedules that are flexible with telecommuting privileges and online meetings, but on the other hand, your IT team is maxed out. This is a situation that is not strange to businesses, but most of them tend to be lost on what to do. Video conferencing can help in solving these issues and create a much better collaboration platform, but at times it can be overwhelming.

If you are considering an upgrade from your existing video conference system to a much more capable platform, try cloud conference solutions. Cloud video conferencing is a simplified user-oriented conferencing solution that helps you to manage your business growth and demands from stakeholders, including employees and clients. The following are some of the ways cloud conference solutions are changing how businesses collaborate.

Management of a Distributed Workforce

Today’s business climate calls for increased connectivity, productivity, and quick decision making. If you want to find talented teams to add to your business, you may have to look beyond your corporate headquarters. Having teams located in different time zones is a common business phenomenon, and cloud conferencing solutions can help you maintain such crucial relationships through face-to-face meetings and personalized connections.

You can easily use video conferencing to interview potential candidates for open positions, conduct new-hire training, and do your monthly status meetings without having to travel to a common point.

Ease to Deploy Video without Tasking IT

Whenever you suggest investing in a new video collaboration solution, your IT department may quickly switch their view to the support required. In fact, an incapable IT department may water down your decision to upgrade your video conferencing facilities. Thanks to cloud conference solutions, you can deploy video conferencing through the support of video environment experts who are dedicated to managing your virtual machine software 24/7.

Minimizing Complexities and Maintaining Security

Some businesses are hesitant to invest in cloud-based services because of security concerns. However, with improvements, cloud conferencing solutions are giving their clients secure experience whether you are on the go, in the office, or in a meeting room somewhere. Each call is encrypted, passcodes are used to secure meetings, moderators can remove participants from calls, and you can actively reject or accept new call participants.

Enables BYOD and Interoperability

Bring your own device (BYOD) is now past the flash-in-the-pan stage and mobile professionals prefer conducting their work on their tablets, smartphones, and personal laptops. Cloud-based video conferencing platforms ensure collaboration to different devices your employees use on a day-to-day basis. There are web apps, mobile apps, and meeting room systems that allow you to plug seamlessly into a meeting.

Scaling Up with Growing Needs

Cloud-based conferencing solutions adjust automatically as your needs change. This means you don’t need to worry about what will happen to your video capabilities one year from now, let alone in five or 10 years.

With cloud conference solutions from reputable companies such as the Video Conference Store, you can easily add or subtract capacity as your conferencing needs change. Simply work with the support system to help you set up video calling systems in minutes and keep your team closer than ever before.

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