Xender App for PC, Laptop Download (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) (With and Without Bluestacks)

If you are looking for a file sharing application that lets you send and receive any number of files, try the Xender app. With the help of Xender app, you can send not only a large number of files, but also files of various kinds (i.e. extensions). This is one of the fastest and most efficient file sharing applications in this world. It provides an easy interface that even first time users will find relatable.

Xender App

Before Xender or any other file sharing app came into being, we had to rely on Blutooth connection. Blutooth connection was the only way in which we could transfer files from one Android phone to another. It used to be pretty difficult back then, since file transfer via Blutooth was a time consuming process. Besides, the sender and receiving phones had to be “paired” in order to establish a successful connection. Music files, image files and others took a considerable amount of time to get completely transferred to the recipient phone.

Then with newer technology came better and faster ways of file transfer. Now we use file transfer apps like Xender, to get our jobe done faster and more efficiently. You can easily transfer small and large video, image, document and music files using Xender in a jiffy.

When you have the Xender app on your smart phone, you can quickly receive and send files to another smart phone, without using a data cable or even mobile Internet connection. It does not matter which operating system your smart phones runs on – Android or iOS, Xender is available for both.

Xender allows simultaneous file sharing between a maxium of 4 devices at one go. This makes it the perfect app to use among a small group of people. You might have come across many file sharing apps which ultimately force you to use mobile data or Bluetooth. But Xender is not one among them. It is much simpler to deal with. You can send and receive files from another device directly using Xender at very high speed, via a direct file transfer channel. This does not use your mobile internet data , nor does it use Bluetooth technology.But what do you do when you need to share files between your smart phone and your computer?

Use Xender.

Gone are the days when Xender was meant for use only on your smart phones. Now you can also use Xender app to send and receive files from your Windows computer and even smart TV. For that you only need to download and install the Xender app on your Windows PC or laptop.

System requirements to download Xender successfully on your Windows PC or laptop

In order to download and install Xender on your Windows laptop or PC, there are certain system requirements that need to be fulfilled. Otherwise, your computer will not be able to support the Xender for PC application.

Make sure that your system has got the following:

  • Android uses HD graphics for perfect display. You must check so that your Windows system supports HD resolution
  • Xender application for PC is only compatible with the following versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Your system must be running any of these versions to support Xender for Windows PC.
  • Your Windows system must have a minimum of 4GB RAM in order to support Xender for Windows software. Having a minimum of 4GB ensures that there are no performance delays when you run the applications

The OS drive on your laptop must have at least 5 to 6 GB of free storage space, so that all applications downloaded there after can be sccommodated smoothly.

How to run Xender app on laptop or PC?

If you search the Internet to get a Xender software to download on your laptop, you will not get one. This is because there is no Xender application specifically developed for your Windows PC. But there are ways in which you can download this application to use it with your computer or laptop.

Basically there are 2 methods in which you can download and install Xenderon your Windows laptop or PC. One of the methods is quite easy but the other one is slightly tricky.

In this article we shall check out both options one by one. Let us start with the more complex method first.

  1. Install and Use Xender app for PC with Bluestacks emulator

Xender app can be used on your Windows PC using the Bluestacks Emulator. Now before we go onto the steps, you might want to know what the Bluestacks Emulator is, right?

What is this Bluestacks Emulator?

Bluestacks Emulator is one of the most popular softwares that allow you to run your Android mobile applications on your laptop or personal computer. Bluestacks is among the top emulator softwares available for a Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP laptop or even for Mac laptops. You can download and install any number of Android and iOS mobile apps for free and run them on your computer using this emulator software. You can easily download Bluestacks emulator app for free from The download is not only free but also safe, so you need not worry about exposing your system to malware and adware.

Now, getting back to what we were discussing. How will you use the Xender app with the help of the Bluestacks emulator app?

Below are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Since the Bluestacks Android emulator software is a free to download application, you first need to install it on your Windows PC. You can download your own Bluestack from here.
  2. Make sure that you install the Bluestacks software on your laptop with Administrator rights. This will ensure that you do not face any permission related errors while downloading Xender later on.
  3. Installing the Bluestacks application should be really easy and fast, provided you Internet connection provide high speed. You just need to go by the instructions that appear on your computer screen.
  4. Once you have installed Bluestacks, go to Google Play Store.
  5. Login to your Google Play Store account and search for the Xender application
  6. You then need to download Xender from Play Store and install it too
  7. Once Xender completes installation on your computer, you will find that the interface is very familiar to you. It appears just as it would do on your Andriod smart phone. The only difference being this time you have downloaded it onto your Windows laptop.
  8. Login to Xender and navigate to the home screen
  9. From the home screen, you need to establish a pairing connection with your Android smartphone
  10. Once the pairing is successfully done, try to initiate a file transfer session with your laptop.
  11. Now, while initiating a file transfer to check the functionality, make sure that both your computer and smart phone are on the same Internet connection. Only when both your devices are connected over the same network, can the file transfer process begin. It will act like a private network between your smart phone and Windows computer and allow you to send and receive files.

These steps are quite clear to follow and fast too. You should not face any difficulty in installing Xender for your Windows system if you follow these few steps mentioned above. The last step is common for any Android emulator software, and it is no exception with the Bluestacks application.

  1. Install and Use Xender app for Windows PC without bluestacks emulator

As I had mentioned earlier, Xender does not have a separate application which you can download on your Windows laptop and start using it. Instead, the Xender team of developers have launched lightweight web based applications, like a web page. You can download and install Xender web appliactions directly from the internet without the need for any Android emulator softwares like Bluestack.

So in the second method, we shall see how you can download and install Xender without the help og Bluestacks emulator app. The steps are as follows:

  1. For this method to work out, you must first make sure you have the Xender Android application in your smart phone. If you don’t have it, you of course need to install it first. And then proceed to the next step.
  2. After you have downloaded Xender app, navigate to the “Settings” tab of this app and then select the option “Connect to PC”.
  3. Once you select that option, you will find a box which will prompt you to scan the QR code via the camera on your smart phone.
  4. Now, on your Windows laptop, go to the URL . This is the main page of Xender web application. You need to scan the QR code that is displayed on your laptop screen
  5. After the QR code ois scanned properly, it will automatically redirect you to Xender’s application. You will be able to send and receive files freely from your Windows laptop.
  6. Test your success by trying out a file transfer session using Xender web

So there goes the steps for using Xender on your Windows computer without the help of Bluestacks Android emulator. This is alo relatively simple and should not take more thana few minutes to complete.

Sending files to your Windows PC using Xender on your smart phone

If you wish to send some files from your smart phone to your laptop with the help of Xender, the following are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Make sure you have Xender on your Android smartphone
  2. Go to the home screen of your Xender app on mobile
  3. On the home page, swipe from left to right to find the “Connect to PC” option.
  4. Click on the “Connect to PC” option
  5. Under this there will be two more options – “Wi Fi Settings” and “Create Hotspot”
  6. Choose the appropriate option as per your wish and open a browser from your laptop. Make sure that both your smart phone and your computer is available on the same Internet connection
  7. Go to the Xender page and follow the displayed instructions there
  8. Start sending files from your smart phone to yur Windows PC.

Advantages of using Xender for Windows PC or laptop

Using Xender for Windows PC comes with various advantages. I have listed some of them below:

  • There is no limitation to the number of files you can transfer
  • Transfer any kind of files – images, videos, music and documents using Xender
  • You can send and receive files from one Windows PC to another, from your PC to your smart phone and even from your mobile phone to your computer
  • File sharing with Xender does not require web information or USB cables – it is totally wireless
  • Xender is a platform independent application – you can send and receive files from Android to iOS and vice versa
  • At one session, up to 4 users can share files simultaenously.
  • Xender allows file transfer at a very high speed

Along with various advantages, some users have reported that their Xender app on PC often undergoes voluntary restart. This is the only drawback that you might face while using Xender. Otherwise it is pretty simple to use.


After reading this article, you should now have a fair idea about how to use your Xender app for PC. Send and receive files freely with Xender. It is free and reliable and of course lightning fast.

File sharing with your friends is now set to be much more fun and no longer like before!

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