10 Common Texting Mistakes To Avoid

Texting has become more common than calling in today’s world. More and more people are likely to pick up their phones and send text messages as it is convenient. According to recent research, 75% of millennials are likely to text rather than call someone. Texting is typically interpreted differently compared to face-to-face interactions. Even though texting can be fun and cool, some people still have problems understanding the manners of texting and unwritten rules that should be followed.

To become a better texter and avoid texting mistakes, follow these tips and rules.

Top Tips To Avoid Texting Mistakes

There is no doubt people spend more time on their phones to communicate with others. Most utilize texting as their main form of communication sending messages via SMS, Facebook, Instagram, or through private messaging apps. All generations of people are losing interest in calling other people, the act of texting has taken over. Don’t be left wondering about common texting mistakes, make sure you start avoiding them today!

1. Overusing Emojis

If you are utilizing an emoji in every sent text, you are likely overusing emojis. Your friends know how to read, so why add a smiley face or food emoji to describe something. Utilizing emojis is not a norm of texting among all ages, it is standard amongst younger generations. However, if you’re an adult and are still using emojis, it may be time to retire your favorite emojis.

2. Sending Something Can Be Misinterpreted

When sending a text, it is crucial to know the common abbreviations people utilize and to make sure not to overuse them or use them incorrectly. Using abbreviations incorrectly is the most common way a text may be misinterpreted. If you are unfamiliar with any of the abbreviations, I encourage you to not use them. This is a small list to keep you up to date with the most common abbreviations.

3. Not Knowing The End Of The Conversation

Knowing when the conversation is coming to an end is important because the person you are talking to may have lost interest or have something going on. If you notice they are sending one-worded and short answers, that’s an indication it’s time to wrap things up. If you feel the conversation is beginning to fade, follow the other person and shortly end the conversation.

Cutting the conversation off completely when you responded already is rude and you want to try to avoid it. You may be doing something else or be busy, but it is important to know your limits with who you’re talking to. Be careful of what you say and how you say it because some people may react to a text differently than others.

4. Give The Person Time To Respond

This is a common texting mistake many make. You send a text and now it is time to wait. Do not send another text or call, give the recipient time to read and respond to your text. Continuing to send more messages may result in the recipient never responding again. Burying someone in unwanted texts is one of the worst things you can do and is annoying. So just send one message and wait patiently until they have time to respond.

5. Respond To Others Promptly

Don’t wait too long when responding to a text message. If you are waiting hours to respond to a text message, it would be rude to the sender if they are asking a question or need a favor. You also don’t want to seem too pushy when you are answering the person right away. Waiting a long time to answer will likely cause both of you to lose interest in the conversation. We all have busy lives, but our phones can help by alerting you of received text messages.

6. Be Careful What Texts You Delete

You want to be careful of what text messages you delete from your phone. You may have important information stored in the device and it is crucial to not delete anything by accident. With this in mind, many phone users ask – Can deleted texts be recovered? You can store your messages and other data from the device utilizing cloud storage. Don’t go another day without storing your data and make sure you can recover anything lost or deleted.

7. Avoid Using Slang Words

Utilizing slang words when texting may seem convenient when used appropriately but can create much confusion when reading a message. Slang is unprofessional and should not be utilized when texting with your boss or someone you do not know. It is best to avoid using slang when texting unless it is for a purpose.

8. Be Careful With Group Texts

Group text messages can be a fun and easy way to talk to more than one person. However, it is essential to keep an eye on all the groups you are in. Many times, group chats may have people you do not know and it is important to remember when you reply in these chats everyone will be able to see your reply. Group texts may only be temporary, but it is key to remain professional and respond accordingly throughout the conversation.

9. Limit The Sharing of Personal & Account Information

Our mobile devices tend to share and store lots of information – Saving passwords, usernames, and other personal information. It is essential to review what apps are sharing your data and where it is being shared to. Often, we will just allow permission to apps to utilize the app quickly and do not review what information we are allowing the app to share or access. Most devices have security features in place already installed to help you make sure you stay in control of what information and where it is being used or shared.

10. Writing In All Caps

Sending a text message in all capital letters is never a good idea. The use of all capitals when sending a text indicates shouting or that it may be urgent. Never write a text in all capital letters; it can be obnoxious to the receiver. Make sure your texts are calm and clear to show the person you are writing with respect.

Texting is now the most common form of communication utilized in peoples’ daily lives. It can be fast and simple to send a text message and receive a response if done so correctly. Do not wait to change your bad texting mistakes. Make sure to use the tips listed above and improve your texting game immediately.

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