iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone

In the past, people were sceptical about using keylogger because it is it is going to steal away privacy by recording all the key strokes done on the phone and ultimately spying on the user. Moreover, people feared that keylogger can log your keystrokes and send them to an unauthorised third-party which again becomes and security threat to the user. But nowadays an increasing number of parents are determined to use keylogger for iPhone to protect their children from potential online dangers.

Notice: you are allowed to install a keylogger for iPhone only on devices you own or have permission to monitor.

Four reasons to use a Keylogger for iPhone

Keep track of a lost iPhone

Most keyloggers for iPhone have GPS location features. When the target device is lost or stolen, you can use GPS tracking feature to find it back.

Parental control on the phone

You can view the mobile activities of your kids on the iPhone and to track any internet wrong doings. You can know whether they visit porn sites, watch porn and violent videos. If that’s really the case, you can take actions at once to prevent this.

Monitor corporate mobile devices issues to employees

Companies do this to ensure that the mobile device is being used only for company purposes. As per US legislation, if you keep track of employee’s keystrokes on the company-offered devices, then the employee must be informed of this in advance.

Backup your textual data

Keyloggers help in cases where you have typed long paragraphs and you accidently forgot to save or deleted the file. Keylogger will have track of your keystrokes and thus you can recover your file.

The Best Keylogger for iPhone in 2018

Unsurprisingly, iKeyMonitor has the best feedback out of all keyloggers for iPhone. This is mainly used by parents to keep tracks of their children who might misuse their iPhone.

Keystrokes logging

iKeyMonitor works by capturing the keystrokes on the keypad of the phone done on any apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Safari, etc.

Text Messages in social chats

iKeyMonitor logs both-side text messages in social apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, Hangouts.

Voice messages recording

iKeyMonitor also record voice messages on social apps, which cannot be recorded in the form of text messages.

Surrounding Recording

iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone supports the recording of surrounding of the target iPhone remotely. By hearing the surrounding sound, you can know where your kids are, or what they are doing when you are not around them.

Screenshot capturing

It also has a screen shot capturing feature which captures screenshots of photos, videos, chat apps and websites visited in incognito mode during the usage of the phone and the screenshots can be present to you in a slideshow format.

Block apps and games flexibly

Another brilliant feature of iKeyMonior keylogger for iPhone is that it can block the apps and games with specified time rules. E.g., if you think that your kids have spent too much time on Facebook, you can set the daily maximum usage time for Facebook or block it absolutely. You can even block all the newly installed apps by default configuration

View logs by Email/FTP/the cloud panel

You can access the iKeyMonitor logging data even remotely by logging into the online cloud panel, and receive the logs in in your email or FTP account.

If you happen to look for a reliable keylogger for iPhone to monitor and control the usage of your kids’ iPhone, iKeyMonitor may be what you are looking for. You can have a three-day trial version to test the features before you make up the final decision.

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