6 ways technology has changed the way we travel

We are travelling more than ever before and this aided and abetted, in part at least, to the advancement of technology which has made it easier to do so.

Here are six ways that technology has changed the way that we travel:

  1. Booking a trip is at our fingertips…

Rather than going into a travel agent, and sitting with them as they talk us through our holiday options, we can simply go on our smartphones. Here we’ll be able to book flights and hotels, using comparison sites to find the best price. We can also hire cars or organise transfers, arrange airport parking and where necessary, apply for visas, all without picking up the phone or leaving the house. Once the trip itself is organised, you can also arrange any activities you would like to do during your holiday.

  1. … as are all the details and itinerary

We can check in to our flights, see whether there are any delays and show our boarding pass from our smartphones. All the details you need will be stored in one place, so you don’t need to print it off – you can simply download the relevant apps.

  1. We know what to expect

This is both a positive and a negative. There are so many blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram photos that detail every part of other peoples’ trips to these destinations, that we can see the highlights before we arrive. This does enable us to make the most of our time there and ensure we don’t miss any of the best things to do but it also means that we don’t get to see it with our own eyes for the first time.

  1. The language barrier has got smaller

When travelling the majority of us hope to encounter people who speak our language so we can easily communicate. This doesn’t always happen, however. Trying to explain what you mean or understand someone else can be frustrating. Apps such as Google Translate enable us to find the words we are struggling for.

  1. We can stay in touch with friends and family

Solo travel is on the rise due to the advancements in technology and specifically social media. Among other things, this enables travellers to stay in touch with loved ones back home. Rather than sending a postcard than arrives home after you have, you can instantly send a WhatsApp or even Facetime. So, not only do you have the opportunity to explain in real-time what you are doing, you can show it too.

  1. You won’t get lost

Getting lost in an unknown destination is a thing of the past, as is trying to read a paper map. Now we can pop our end location into Google Map and it will direct us there via the shortest route. There are also apps that will tell you where the closest amenities are, so you can find what you need when you need it.

Who knows what the future could hold, technology is becoming more and more advanced all the time, so the way we travel could look even more different in just a few years. Who knows, we may be able to travel overseas ourselves in our flying cars.

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