Is Communicating With Others Easy? Of Course Not, But It Could Be

Technology is changing the ways we communicate. For any business, having multiple user-friendly lines of communication for consumers to use is vital to overall customer satisfaction. However, keeping up with technological advances has become increasingly tough as the ways in which we connect seem to multiply. Another potential problem with rampant tech advancement is the potential for a backlash against de-personalization of contact centers that have become more automated and digitized.

Companies like Bright Pattern offer call center software that give your contact hub the tools customer service representatives need to address the variety of ways customers want to be able to communicate with businesses they patronize. They provide a combination of tailored automated responses and informed human interactions, as well as comprehensive “omnichannel” integration of various communication lines (email, live webchat, social media) and customer data on a single dashboard. If your business needs a contact center upgrade, consider reaching out for pricing information. Here are some other quick tips that’ll help with the process.

Test your methods

First, work with internal, tech-savvy employees—or qualified external consultants—to evaluate your communication methods. It’s also important to have tech novices, i.e., normal people, go to your website’s help center and test the user-friendliness of each avenue of contact, making sure the process is not too lengthy or too complicated. The simpler the better — otherwise customers might end up looking to spend their time and money with a simpler or better business option.

Listen to feedback

One way to communicate successfully with your audience of previous and potential customers is to openly receive and review feedback. Instead of having a simple Yelp review page, encourage feedback through a place for submissions on your website. Or use social media as a place to poll your followers. Not every online review is going to be 100 percent accurate or something to seriously pursue, but there might be some spreading false information that you need to address quickly and head-on. As you should always be encouraging feedback, do your due diligence to read and analyze the criticism and suggestions your customers provide you with. It may seem tedious but you may be surprised to find that people who actually use your products or services have quality suggestions that’ll give you something to consider improving.

Whenever a customer provides feedback that later becomes company protocol, tweet about it. It’ll not only promotes a healthy environment where your company can openly admit that they can improve. It also celebrates the customer’s voice and ensures they are heard.

Encourage communication within your business

Though this seems like a no-brainer, it’s important that communication among employees and between management and labor or creatives be as open and frequent as it is between the brand and the consumer. Better communication between employees and departments will ensure that the general functions of the business run smoothly. Internal surveys and ideas sharing can help detect flaws and enhance team-building. With the software available today, cooperation and coordination are easier than ever. Many companies now use instant messaging systems and the cloud in order to foster quick and easy contact as well as file sharing among employees. Not only will staff feel included, which builds company loyalty and boosts morale, but also speed and efficiency will increase.

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