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Small Business Secrets-The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Profit Boosting

Did you know that apps have a 3 times higher conversion rate compared to mobile sites?

This can be linked to the increased usage of smartphones and their convenience of access.

Unfortunately, some business owners believe that developing a business app is only for big brands. Besides, why should you spend time and money hiring an app developer if you already have a site?

Well, an app is far more interactive than a site, thus improving customer service experience. This means that your customers will be more satisfied and are likely to refer more prospects to your product or service.

But that’s not all! Here are some more benefits of mobile apps;

1. Increased Availability

Given the fact that most people have their smartphones within their arm’s reach at all times, having an app will make it easier for customers to access your services.

Moreover, unlike your physical customer service desk, an app has no time off. As such, customers can log into the app from anywhere at any given time.

With improved availability comes trust from the consumers since they know they can contact you and get support faster than having to log into their browser and scroll through sites just to reach out to you.

2. Builds Your Brand and Recognition

One of the major benefits of a mobile application for businesses is that it allows you to brand yourself in various ways. This is through incorporating as many features as you would want in an app to the liking of your customers.

Depending on the features you’ve chosen to use, consumers will have a certain image about your business. It can be anything from entertainment to informative.

Therefore, the features should be in line with how you want customers to view your business.

3. Builds Loyalty

Business mobile allows you to send promotional messages and discount offers directly to your customers. This prompts them to shop from you, generating loyal customers.

You can even build loyalty programs to keep the end users engaged with your app and your business. For instance, for every purchase made through the app, the user can earn points that can later be exchanged for discounts, gifts, and other benefits.

If you’re releasing a new product, you can deliver it to your customers through the app immediately upon release. In turn, this builds loyalty around your brand since consumers can trust you to get all your products, including the latest ones, under one roof.

4. Uniqueness

Although apps are a common thing nowadays, not all small businesses have taken the bold step of developing one.

Using an app maker to build an app for your business will help you stand out among your competitors. And as it’s the norm, consumers are attracted to something unique in the market.

Even in event that your competitors have an app, you can still build one that offers something different from what they’re offering. For instance, if your competitors’ app allows the customers to make purchases only, you can integrate additional features such as referral bonuses in your app.

5. Makes Marketing Easier

Apps are a great way of collecting end-users infographics. This can be in terms of frequently shopped products and even the least in-demand product.

Such information is invaluable to a business it can be used to streamline the operations in an effort to improve the delivery of services.

For example, once you’ve noticed a slow-moving product, the marketing team can try and trace the reason behind the poor sales by comparing the two products using information collected by the app.

6. Strong Social Media Presence

Most business mobile apps sync users’ social media accounts and automatically engages them with the company’s social media platforms. This helps you stay connected with your target audience since most people are active on social media.

In addition, this not only increases your brand’s awareness to more potential customers but also boost your ranking on search engines. The higher you rank on the search engines’ result page, the more customers you attract.

7. Reach Out to Younger Demographics

Although the use of smart gadgets is not limited to the younger generations, it’s arguable that they’re more tech-savvy than older generations. Besides, the young generations are the future customers who will gradually shape your business’ operations.

By innovating an app for your business, you’ll capture the young demographic and build your future customer base.

Some products are stereotyped as “old folks stuff” but if made available to the younger generations, you’d be surprised by their high consumption rate.

For instance, if you’re a small real estate business, developing an app for your business would make your services readily available to everyone including potential young homeowners.

What Should You Consider Before Developing an App?

Having a business app isn’t a guarantee that you’ll reap the benefits of owning one. To realize the full potential, there are certain things you must think through.

Define the Purpose of Your App

You need to have clear objectives that you want to achieve with the app. This ensures that the app is beneficial and functional to your clients and not just a typical app icon on their phone. You can set these goals from the perspective of what your customers need.

For example, if constant customer service is a priority to your consumers, your app should feature a contact button.


To come up with a functional app for your business, you need to invest time and money. If you lack these resources, may consider putting on hold your plans for an app.

What makes it even a more expensive venture is that you may have to develop a couple of apps to serve a variety of business purposes. On top of it all, you also need funds to keep improving and maintaining the app.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Mobile Apps Today!

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of mobile apps, be sure to consult Android development company to have one tailored for your unique business goals.

Here are more reasons why an app is better than a website.

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