Pointers for Achieving a Mountain-chic Interior

It’s springtime in Utah, which means it’s time tofreshen up your interiors to inspire you for the whole year.

Whether you’re still shopping for mortgage loans or already drawing up plans for your renovation, there are plenty of trendy interior design styles that you can explore. But if you’re looking for something timeless, cozy, and perfect for working at home, then you might want to consider a mountain-chic aesthetic.

What is Mountain-chic?

Think luxury chalet or mountain resort you’d stay in during a ski trip. Mountain-chic is all about combining rugged structures, plush and cozy surfaces, and elegant accessories. With this design motif, the goal is to bring the elements of the landscape inside while creating a comfortable and relaxing indoor experience. This way, you can immerse yourself in nature without having to deal with the elements. A dash of elegance is then introduced to elevate your experience and keep your interiors looking fresh and contemporary.

Follow the tips below to achieve a mountain refuge you can call home:

The Landscape as Center-Stage

The mountain-chic aesthetic is all about allowing inhabitants to get in touch with their natural side. But you don’t need to have a house on a mountaintop to achieve this. Whether your house is located in an elevated location or your backyard is your access to nature, you can still pull off this look. You can start by opening up your windows to allow for a bigger, better view of the landscape. Think “indoor/outdoor living.” Consider installing double-glazed, floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors on the boundary between your main living space and patio.

Or if you have the luxury to be living in the middle of the woods, open up your bedrooms, as well, so you can have your personal slice of paradise. In Utah, there are plenty of opportunities to build a home that makes the landscape the focal point. If you’re still not taking advantage of the state’s amazing views, then it’s the season to make that change.

Muted, Neutral Colors

Subdued, earth tones like beige, grey, white, baby blue, ivory, and cream make for great backdrops for creating a truly mountain-chic look. This also ensures that the color of your walls and floors don’t clash with the colors of the great outdoors. Create a seamless indoor/outdoor flow using soft, neutral colors, but if you really love color, you can opt for an accent wall.

Rustic Meets Contemporary

Once you’ve laid down the groundwork, you can now start shopping for furniture and accessories. The key is not to get tied down to a single aesthetic, as your space will look stiff and monotonous. Start with a few stand-out pieces, like a plush sofa or coffee table, and build from there. Consider mixing up contemporary or transitional pieces with rustic elements such as a tufted sofa and sleek reclining armchairs, a symmetrical tabletop lamp over a distressed side table, or a coffee table with a hardwood top and metallic legs. By mixing various styles, you can achieve a look that’s both classic and up-to-date.

Create a Layered Look

Adding various textures and layers can do wonders to your mountain-chic home. After all, layers spell the difference between a showroom and an inviting, lived-in environment. To add textures to your space, one useful technique is to layer your rugs. You can do this by adding a plush rug over carpeting or an oversized rug. Make sure the patterns, colors, and material are different but complementary.

Another way to create a textured look is to use matching accessories such as cushions, throws, blankets, ornaments, and wall art. To achieve a harmonious look, stick to a color palette and use accessories that blend well in a mountain-chic ambiance, such as wooden sculptures and art pieces, ceramic vases and bowls, scented candles, leather poufs, drapes, woven accessories, and indoor plants.

Mix Wood with Metal

Mountain-chic is basically another term for a fancy cabin, so matching wood and metals is a must. If you already have hardwood floors and beams, metal accents in the furniture and fixtures will make a great contrast. The sheen and clean lines of metal elements soften the rugged features of hardwood, resulting in a cohesive look.

Keep It Cozy

To soften up the hard surfaces, invest in plush fabrics, big sofas, and comfy chairs. You should also have blankets ready in case it gets chilly. It’s always good to have a nice fireplace and a reading nook, as this is a staple in mountain homes. Keep in mind that a nook should be placed in an area with a lower ceiling and by a window with a view so it can be an enjoyable and comfortable place to stay in for hours.

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