Android Apps Guide You the Best about Weather Forecast

The conditions of weather vary a lot and almost steer many of your routine activities. So, this is pretty much need of the hour to be well-informed of the weather forecast and the changing weather conditions. You and many of your ceremonies and functions must have got disturbed just because of sudden adverse weather conditions. It must have occurred to you that there must be some mechanism to inform about the abrupt weather changes beforehand. This is only to enable you to settle the things accordingly and no nuisance may result.

 Fortunately for all of us, the introduction of android technology has solved this centuries’ long issue. With the help of android apps, you can now check the accurate weather forecast on your smart phone. These apps are equipped with lightning alert system to inform you about thunderstorm, wind, rain, etc. A number of apps are available in the market to keep you well-informed of the weather changes. The following apps are the leading ones on Android that you can rely on them trustfully.

  • MyRadar Weather Radar

Showing you a weather radar, MyRadar is a simple app which has a full range of features. It has the ability to play animations, enabling you to see if the rain is coming or going. Its additional features include a hurricane tracker and some other additional radar features. However, it works best in combination with a normal weather app. This app is absolutely free to download with additional in-app purchases.

  • Today Weather

This wonderful app was introduced in 2017 as a clean, functional and quick weather app. It has more than enough features including weather forecast, humidity, actual temperature versus real feel, severe weather alerts, weather widgets, etc. Furthermore, it also tells important info about air quality index, moon cycles, sunrise/sunset times, etc. This app with gorgeous radar is free to download with in-app purchases option.

  • WeatherBug

This is comparatively an older app with all that you expect in a weather app. Besides the routine weather alerts, weather forecasts, temperature, radar and other norms, it also features much more. This includes 18 different weather maps, a lightning alert system, traffic conditions, etc. Moreover, there are weather widgets, but as a separate download. This solid stable weather app has a relatively modernized UI the credit of which goes to the developers. The free version is more than most welcome for all.

  • Weather Channel

This remarkable weather app is one of the most recognizable apps covering all the basics including future alerts, temperature, severe weather forecasts, radar and more. Besides, it also includes breaking news, lightning alerts and pollen alerts, etc. A variety of widgets, a separate tablet UI and some additional stuff are also available there. The greatest thing is that it is totally free to download without any in-app purchases.

  • Weather Underground

Besides featuring all the basics, this complete weather app also includes health info such as UV risk, local flu outbreaks, pollen alerts, etc. Additionally, it also has weather widgets and person weather station all over the place. They deliver weather closer to your actual location as well as hyper local weather. The free version of this app has all the features along with the advertisement which may be removed if you pay a nominal annual subscription.

Hence, android weather apps can keep you well-informed of the weather forecasts so that you may adjust accordingly.

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