5 Alternatives to Mangastream | Why Mangastream is not working?

Be it kids or adults everyone likes to read fantasy and child comic books. To be an instance, Mangastream was one of the popular websites for Manga comic readers. The visitors of Mangastream not only visit the website but read the comic books like One Piece (That is also one of the popular cartoon show).

Mangastream alternatives

This could be a piece of sad news for the users who daily visits Mangastream for reading their favorite part from the comic books as Mangastream is no longer working and not anymore over the internet. However, there is no need to worry. We have created this article for the fans of Mangastreama and even added some of the best alternatives to Mangastream here. 

What is Mangastream?

Before coming to the alternatives, let me explain “What is Mangastream?”.

We are in the age where the motion pictures are ruling all over the world but still, some people like to read comic books and eventually wait for the latest collections.

Mangastream is a Japanese comics website. This website provides different-different and popular comics books for reading at no extra cost. 

There are many fans of popular comics books. So, they eventually translate comic books to other languages like English, Italian, and many more. To be an instance, Mangastream was one of the most loved websites over the internet and there is only one reason behind the popularity and that was “It does provide the comics books for reading at no extra cost”. To be precise, Mangastream was up for the decade.

What happened to Mangastream?

The Mangastream was an illegal website and right now it is no longer in service over the internet. However, there is a duplicate website that supposed to be a clone of the original website.

The original manga comic’s owner drastically forced the website owner for shutting it down. It is because this website was illegal and providing contents of manga comics free of cost over the internet.

What are the alternatives to Mangastream?

Everything has a duplicate replica in this world. Therefore, the Mangastream website has as well. There is nothing to worry about as I am going to list five different alternatives to Mangastream below.

  • MangaDex
  • MangaFox
  • MangaOwl
  • MangaPark
  • MangaTown

#1 MangaDex

Here, the first in our list of alternatives to Mangastream is MangaDex. This website is popular just like the original website and it not only provides the comic book but also translates it to the different versions according to the user need.

This website offers comics books in more than 20 different languages and even with additional features. 

For example, you can create your graphic and post it and also discuss the situations in the inbuilt forum of MangaDex. To be an instance, this makes MangaDex is a perfect alternative to MangaStream.

#2 MangaFox

MangaFox is one of the well-oriented and user-friendly websites. It is one such website that will fulfill your hunger for reading comics books online at no extra cost. This website became very popular in a short period and to be an instance, many websites claim to be the original website of MangaFox.

But, remember that the original website MangaFox color theme is orange, black, and white. Whichever is operated by

There is also an android application available for this website. You can download the MangaFox android application from Google play store for the quick access of all comic books in your smartphone.

#3 MangaOwl

Who does not remembers the night owls? Everyone does. Jokes apart, MangaOwl is one of the famous websites and also one of the good alternatives to Mangastream. 

There is a reason why MangaOwl is so popular these days? To be an instance, It is because of the regular releases of WSJ sequence episodes on their website and that too before their actual release date. 

There are almost all manga comics available to read for free of cost and the website has an orange-colored theme whichever is quick to operate.

#4 MangaPark

Do we even talk about fan followings? Yes, we do. MangaPark is one of the popular websites and the best alternatives to Mangastream. It has a huge fan following and more number of users over its website.

This website has a clean and catchy look. Whichever is perfect for all time worth reading and there is an option as well to upload up to 10 images in one go.

There are almost every comic available. Just you need to visit the website and read the favorite one.

#5 MangaTown

MangaTown is one of the famous websites for comic readers. To be an instance, if there is an alternative I found to be the equal of Mangastream then there is only one and that is “MangaTown”.

This website has a vast collection of database and the improved look of the website is much easier to explore compared to the older versions.

This is drastically good news to the manga comics readers.

Frequently asked questions

There must be some questions that are running to all of our minds. Therefore, we have decided to answer them all in one place.

What happened to Mangastream?

The Mangastream was taken down by the original manga comic owners for openly sharing their content. However, the reason is still unknown.

Is Mangastream illegal?

Yes, Mangastream was an illegal website.

What is Manga Plus?

Manga Plus is the official reader of Mangastream. This service is available globally at no extra cost except for these three countries Japan, China, and South Korea.

How much money does this website make?

For the actual, the Mangastream makes near about $36,433.


Mangastream was one of the famous websites for comic readers. This website translates the other languages comics into the regional language and makes it available for all the people. However, this website is no longer in service and that is why we have decided to add up some alternatives in this article. If there is anything that is not understandable? Feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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