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Why Online Proctoring has Scaled the Popularity Charts?

The future of learning appears to be eLearning and the market is estimated to be at around $ 100. One of the areas that are gaining in prominence happens to be proctoring space.

During the course of an online proctoring exam, a candidate is monitored online during the course of a test with the aid of a webcam, microphone with access to the screen of a candidate is provided. In order to be part of this exam from a remote location candidates do need:

  • A device suitable for the exam
  • A webcam functional with a microphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • A laptop or PC with modern browsers.

There are different types of proctoring services. First works out to be live in proctoring online where a qualified examiner goes on to monitor their students.

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Then we have the recording proctoring. Here no real-time feedback is obtained as the screen feeds along with audio video feedback of the candidate happens to be recorded. Last we come across the advanced automated proctoring which is the most popular and advanced type of proctoring. Once again the audio video feeds along with the screen feeds are recorded. But apart from the recording, the system also goes on to record any suspicious activity during the test via audio and video analysis

It takes into consideration that candidates are glued to the screen during the course of a test. The background of the room is visible with sufficient light. With face recognition, the credibility of a student is verified, and if any issues spring up, the test is red flagged. The major advantage of this test is that it removes location and schedule constraints. As humans do not have to undertake the review process it is cost effective and scalable.

Key features to keep in mind while opting for a remote proctoring tool?

  • Easy and quick integration with any assessment engine. The solutions that are available in the market would ask you to use an assessment engine and as a parallel application proctoring service can run.
  • The platform has to be robust. As online proctoring involves desktop sharing, video steaming any technical glitches could prove to be fatal.
  • The procedure of automation has to be top notch. A host of modern technologies have taken over the market that has gone on to make the process of online proctoring a lot efficient. If you want to have more idea about it you need to figure out the future of online proctoring.
  • If excellent reporting facilities are assured it would provide a worthy experience to a candidate with efficiency metrics making it a distinct success.

If you are planning to select a tool that is being used in the US, it is not going to perform well in other geographical boundaries where hardware quality and internet speed would not be of the best.

The drawbacks associated with remote proctoring?

There are a few commercial proctoring services which may take a toll on your budget. The cost per student enrolment could prohibit for a large scale enrolment. But an advanced version of proctoring is economical and scalable.

For a lot of users the method still it is a nascent stage which makes them uncomfortable. It becomes utmost importance to let the test taker know on what they can expect from an online proctoring exam and reduces chances of stress that could be considered as an invasion of privacy.

With human proctors, effectiveness may taper off a wee bit. To reduce the chances of human error automated proctoring would be the best course of action.

Are candidates viable to cheat when a test is proctored online?

Numerous blogs are available online which provide candidates with an opportunity to trick during proctoring exams. But as per the inputs of these blogs candidates would have to resort to extreme measures and detailed preparation is called for to cheat a video proctored exam. The reason being complete audio video visuals are available at any point of time for cross verification.

A major chunk of candidates are expected to fall in line if they adopt such a measure. The proctors involved are experienced and well trained to figure out any incidence of malpractice like body language and candidate eye movement. The standard protocol followed during a proctoring exam would be to ask a candidate to record a video of their surroundings with a test machine up the machine. The methodology of the exam has become very intelligent which restricts the possibility of cheating to almost nil.

What is the view point of candidates about proctored exams?

Any individual loves the comfort and convenience and candidates are no exception to this feeling. For obvious reason, it is impossible to think that they would have to take a day off and travel to the nearest exam centre when the same test is possible to be undertaken at their own convenience. They can be part of the test at their desired comfort and time frame.

Though a lot of research inputs are not available evaluating feedback of candidates about proctored exams.

Could proctored exams take place on mobile devices?

There are only a few restricted companies that support proctoring exams on mobile app of a candidate. Since most of the mobile phones are equipped with front camera it is full proof from a security point.

The future associated with online proctoring?

For online courses, remote proctoring is going to become the definite future in the days to come. It is going to leave a mark on other type of assessments as well.  The current trends that you need to look forward to be as follows

  • The authentication of the test taker is enhanced with the help of biometric devices in the form of fitness monitors and smart watches
  • Fitness monitors along with smart watches can also be employed to figure out changes in temperature or pulses and this data is send across to proctoring software so as to detect malpractices
  • Some companies already have facial recognition to avoid duplicates. Also in use is keyboard analysis. In the days to come as part of additional checks, touchscreen behaviour and sound recognition methods may be incorporated.

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