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How Seo tools can help your blog to fly high

One of the major factors of the SEO now a day is research of the topic and what you are trying to promote. Google is becoming harder to understand as the Google is using new and modified versions of algorithms and the rankings factors are drastically changing over the past few years.

When we consider the Page Rank as the ranking factor, then you are dead wrong because the Google has decided to kill the Page Rank and the sign of it is that the Google has now killed Page Tank tool from the store,

Matts cuts of Google spam team has announced past year that Google is experiencing the high range of spam over the last decade and they are now working to kill those people from the list.

Now the experts are tested at a high level after the path has been made with many difficulties by the Google, SEO experts have no choice but to use other methods to rank the posts and the website.

How SEO Tools Can Help Your Blog to Fly High

I think it is safe to say that the obvious question which asked by many beginners is that “How to Drive Traffic” you can find thousands of post and tutorials how to rank, but not many have not been very effective so far.

  1. If you wish to do SEO and want to drive some traffic, then you need these three things.
  • Target Long Tail Keywords, where not many are not targeting for that phrases, do not hesitate even if the traffic is less than 1000/ Month.
  • Use free SEO tools to analysis the keyword and get in-depth knowledge on how you can rank that keyword.

I asked you to do research on how you can drive traffic to a post or a website.

2. How SEO Tools Can Be Useful


If you are a beginner and you do not know what is SEO and how to perform and rank in the search engines.

What I have to say is, when you are planning to rank, there are three things you have to keep in mind.

  • Follow theLong Tail Keyword
  • If your website is a blog, then make sure your content is beautiful, clear, no grammar mistakes and use allH2, H3 & H4 tags in the post and mention the Focus Keyword 6 Times.
  • Build a social community “Share, create viral topics, be more active in groups and think out of the box.”

3. Consistency

One of major blogger, SEO analyst, Former Google employee has said that when you have started a blog or website, then you have work daily and also spend more than 2 hours a day in learning new things by following other major bloggers, SEO, Business people & other online successful people.


Work on your blog, website & project with consistency and never miss a day. It is vital to point and at least work for six months without missing a day and does not expect any earnings or improvements till six months. You can use free SEO tools like Check Keyword Difficulty by FERZY.

After six months, if you are failing then do not worry, if you are someone who has finished his or her education then get a job and blog.

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