Android 4.1 HTC One s- Review

According to the information gathered from the unnamed tipsters writing to mobile syrup, users of the Android 4.1 htc one s under the both bell and virgin in Canada can now upgrade their handsets to android 4.1 jelly bean. Apparently there is an internal memo floating around that says the official release date of the upgrade software is February 28, and it is going to bring an improved and refined user interface experience to the HTC one s.

Wonderful feature

The HTC one s is an android powered smart phone that was first released about a year ago with android 4.1 ice game sandwich. Android 4.1 htc one s featured a 4.3 inch QHD touch screen display, and embedded with 8 mega pixel rear camera with led flash. It also included with 1.5 GHz dual core QUALCOMM snapdragon processor. Along with it also provides 16 GB storage, and beats audio integration. To upgrade it to the latest software user simply need to make their way onto the setting screen, select about device, choose software update option, and finally click on update.

How to upgrade your system

Back in September we speculated that android 4.1 jelly bean would initiate progressing.HTC has started rolling out the android 4.1.1updated with HTC sence4+to the release HTC one s in Europe. The update covers a luxurious list of CID’s which should get most HTC one s owners (as long as your phone is not carter branded) a test of jelly bean this year. Android 4.1.1 for the HTC one s may not be a Christmas miracle, but it positively a great contribution from our friends at HTC. Now if you have not aware rather already received the OTA update announcement in your android4.1HTC one s. you can try to physically ping HTC’s update servers by going through settings>about>software updates> check now .or you can unswervingly download the file from HTC.

Android 4.1 HTC One s

Software details

Android 4.1 htc one s proprietors were wished this morning by a new software update for their phones easily. The new 30.97MB system update which takes the HTC one s from software account 2.35.531.7710Rd to 2.35.5351.10710rd.regrettably HTC have not released any information concerning the update at this period. We are assuming that HTC has prepared the android 4.1 HTC one S for its concluding upgrade to android 4.1 with HTC sense4+. Android 4.1 is also known as jelly bean. It definitely improves upon 4.0in a number of ways.1/”butter smooth” user interface, we are thank full for this up gradation as it make many changes on how graphic operation are timed and synchronized.

Hardware details

It has automatic thingamajig re sizing so that the user can max out there screen space. Android 4.1 htc one s new voice typing goes offline, which is great because the previous version only worked if the data connection is good. Wonderful camera application that make reviewing and capturing photos easier. Most importantly Google is now a personal assistance. The company HTC (high tech computer corporation) started as an ODM (original design manufacturer) that was building devices

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