Android 4.1 htc one x

HTC presents the first and fresh series of android 4.1 HTC one x phones, which could make an end of your searching. A device that would easily be your new portable computer and it will entertain you as well. It comes with the installation of smartest operating system android.HTC cell phones have all been state of the art by way of the bells and the whistles such as GPS, touch screen and email capabilities. From the HTC touch to the HTC hero and the4 HTC evo, not anything has slipped by HTC at what time it comes to attributes and functions of their cell phones.

android 4.1 HTC one x

Let’s come to the get up of the phone. This HTC one is completely touch slate seized, screen based smart phone premeditated and manufactured by HTC. It works through the android 4.1.1 mobile operating system along with the HTC sense. The phone provides you 4+ graphical user interfaces as well. Till now it was the first HTC phone to be prepared with a quad core processor and made it the fastest HTC phone to date. Android 4.1 HTC one x was announced on February 26,2012at the mobile world congress.

Features provided: The features that are provided by this device are touching the height of prominence. That you just cannot hold yourself to grab it. The one X features the android 4.0.4 mobile operating system which is embedded with the HTC 4,0graphical user interface. The phone is now availed for most regions like the Australasia, Europe, Middle East, and Americas Somalia. It also offers 25 GB of drop box storage is offered free for 2 years. It is available from April2; is market through entire Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and many more. Android 4.1 HTC one x contain the predecessor HTC sensation XL.

An upgraded model: Android 4.1 HTC one x offer memories of 1GB RAM, in addition with the HTC sence4, upgradable to android 4.1.1jelly bean with HTC sense also features a1.7GHz snapdragon 600 quad core processor,2GB RAM, android 4.1 jellybean 32GB or 64 GB non expandable flash storage and a 2.1 megapixel front camera. Making the HTC one unique is an ultra pixel rear camera that’s rated as 4 megapixels. Additionally the rear camera is proficient of 1080 video capturing. The device has a long-lasting aluminum unibody, comes with the visual beats audio supports and HTC’s most up-to-date user interface, sense5.0.

Hardware facility: The one X features three physical keys; a power button on the top and higher and lower volume buttons on the right side of the tablet. On the front of the one X there are available three capacitive touch keys, for the back, home and application functions. On the left side android 4.1 HTC one x of the one x is MICRO USB2.0 port. This port doubles as a MHL interface, which is allowing the one X to output 1080p content to a peripheral exhibit via HDMI through the adaptor. A 3.5 mm head phone jack is to be found on the top as well.

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