Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most travelled places in the world. It receives the maximum number of tourist. There is no reason for surprise as it offers something to each traveller. This makes a visit to Mexico worth the money spend. What more would someone with a variety of the Caribbean on one side and the other side sprawling onto he shores of the pacific. Mexico is an adventurous destination with a maximum of foreign tourist and visitors for a fun holiday vacation. Here are the Top 7 Popular travel destinations in Mexico.


Being surrounded by the sea on two sides makes Mexico a hot spot for all kinds of water sporting activities. The Cozumel is known for snorkelling, scuba diving and is also known as one of the best known diving water areas in the world. Witness the beautiful reefs and varieties of fish deemed to be housed in this National Marine Park.

Los Cabos

For all the beach lovers visiting Los Cabos is a must. It is located on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Lie down on the pristine water receiving white sand beaches with some great choice of luxury and affordable hotels, restaurants and drinking joints for some chilled beer by the beach to relax. It is a great place to see water species like whales.


This is good sight to visit for history and archaeological fans. It is located in the Mayan side of the current state of Chiapas in Mexico. It is a small city of the Mayan culture housing some of the best and beautiful pieces of architecture of those times.

Copper Canyon

For the adventurous folks here is a great spot of interest. This is an entire range of linked canyons that can be experienced through the “Chihuahua al Pacifico” Railway that crosses over some 37 bridges and 86 tunnels to offer the best view of the insides and outsides.

Chichen Itza

This is one of the biggest Mayan cities and one of the most popular destinations visited by travellers in Mexico. It is famous for its pyramid temple called the El Castillo. It is a very interesting piece of architecture which has 365 steps divided amongst the four sides of 91 steps each.


Teotihuacan is a civilisation that houses the sun pyramid, one of the largest pyramids and in the whole of Mexico. Another pyramid called the moon is closed to it which was built much alter. It is close to the Mesoamerica, the greatest city, which is 50 Kms away.


Guanajuato is a colonial city surrounded Sierra de Guanajuato. It was founded in 1554 and is one of the richest silver areas of Mexico. It stands amidst beautiful colonial buildings surrounded by beautiful Haciendas asking it a must visit place if you are visiting Mexico. It feels like and angelic city.

These are some of the few chosen places of interest and tourist time in Mexico. Do not miss out on these of you desire to get the real flavour Mexico.

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