Top 7 Popular travel destinations in Egypt

Egypt reflects a different culture and a different charm. Known for its ancient civilization and the famous pyramids, Egypt can be an interesting place of visit. It is a desert and, with a beautiful and surprisingly oasis along with the Red Sea Coast on the other side which is famous for water activities and sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. Here is list of a few travel destinations that one can choose from.


It is located 85 Kms on the north of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba on the southernmost tip of Sinai. It is famous for its offering of water sports along the coast of Red Sea. It used to be coastal village in the yesteryears and is now deemed to be a hippie hangout spot. This is a great spot if you desire to see the red sea with fun and frolic.

Siwa Oasis

Siwa oasis is located in the Libyan Desert. It is a secluded settlement with Berbers as inhabitants. Siwa used to be an essential trade route. It houses natural springs, and lovely green palm trees. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants in the vicinity. Children should be taken along to see the interesting sight of an oasis.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is wonderful ornate stock of architecture and cultural wealth represented by nearly 120,000 items of the ancient and old Egypt. It houses some of the most relished artefacts like the Royal Mummy Room that contains the 27 royal mummies and theTomb of Tutankhamen. Divided between two floors it is an extensive museum for all those who care enough.

Abu Simbel

This is an archaeological site that comprises of temples rock-cut form two massive stones located on the banks of the river Nasser. It was threatened due to the fear of submersion in the lake but it remains to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt.

Cruise on River Nile

The longest river in the world, the river Nile in Egypt offers mazing both rides and crises along the length of the river. The route taken during the river Nile fun is often the Luxor-Aswan route which today stands to be a peaceful and extremely safe route. You can also hire a Felucca; Feluccas are sail boats that were used in the ancient times.

Red Sea Reef

The red sea reef is found on the coast of Egypt’s. It is known for its clear visibility even underwater. The seascape is one of the most exotic and rare as one can find. This is a definite must-go while visiting Egypt, especially if you desire to indulge in some aquatic activities.


Karnak is an old ancient place of religion in Egypt. This temple has been severely damaged by invaders but even today it is filmed in many Hollywood movies. The most famous is the hypostyle hall with around huge 134 pillars and it also houses nearly 3 temples in the premises.

Egypt is a land that cannot be ignored, just like Istanbul that has its own unmatched charm. These are some of the best chosen travel destinations based on popularity and travellers vote.

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