Top 7 Popular travel destinations in Australia

Australia is a beautiful island continent and country. It also includes Tasmania and some other small islands in the periphery. It is known to be the six largest countries by area in the world. Australia offers many beautiful sights and adventures of all sections of the population and all types of travellers seeking to their desired goal while travelling. Here are few must visit essential places to cover while visiting Australia.


Cairns is a beautiful city holding the gateway to many other places of tourist interest like the great coral reef, Kurunda where you can go via cable car, the Dainstree national park which is an enormous rainforest and the famous Port Douglas. Strategically connected and located Cairns should be the first point of visit for someone seeking to travel and see more on their single visit.

Gold Coast

The gold coast is famous for the beaches and the water adventure the offer, it is close to major amusement parks and theme parks making it an ideal choice for family vacations. It also has superb nightlife due to its proximity to the beach.


Sydney sit e capital city of Australia. This is the best city to visit in case you desire to see city life in Australia. It also houses the famous Opera House and the Darling Harbour. The skyline and joggers park offer spectacular view of the rising modernity and the sprawling technology improvements making it difficult to ignore Sydney. The monuments and sites of tourist interest appeal to all.


Whitsundays is perfect place to relax in. This again is a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and other places. Known for sail boating, this is an ideal place for some wine, good steak and lazing on the beach. It offers great range of delicious local food on the beaches. Whitsundays offers something very eclectic with its ambience on offer.

Ayers Rock

Ayers rock a single piece of monolithic stone right in the middle of Australia. It is highly revered by the aborigines and lies close to Alice Springs. Alice Springs is neighbouring city and also a departure point.

Kakadu National Park

This is one of the most famous national parks in Australia. It is extremely popular as one can find some the rarest species, some residents of Australia, a splendid flora and fauna coupled with aboriginal paintings in the national park. This park is often complained to be filled to the brim and hence make sure to latch on to your kids when you entre it.


Tasmania is a beautiful melange of the urban ladder and nature’s offerings. It reflects the real balance, known for its wilderness; Tasmania is often the most preferred destination for visit when in Australia. The beaches, forests and city life merge beautifully; it is one the few places in the world that directly merges an urban world so well with nature.

Australia has much to offer, these are the Top 7 Popular travel destinations as picked after much research.

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