Health Benefits of Spinach

To live a happy life, one must eat a healthy food. There are many people who know this fact, but still they don’t do so because of their so-called modern life. Well, this is the poor thing that today’s man is making money only. But in this big world, some are there who keep care of their health. If you are also one of them, then you must stay familiar with the health benefits of whatever you eat.

Talking about healthy food, spinach is counted in the top. The researches conducted from time to time tell us so. Spinach is green vegetable that belongs to Chenopodiaceae family. Spinach has been a part of human’s food from a long. It was cultivated in Persia about more than 2000 years ago. It is named as Spinach because of the word ‘ispanai‘ which is Persian word. Meaning of this word is ‘Green Hand’. It was known as this name for a long, but after got modified to Spinach. Persian people still call it with its old name.

The green vegetables always pack many benefits for health. Same is the case with the Spinach. It is considered among the one of the best green vegetables because it does give many vitamins to body, and thus keep it fit and healthy.

There are many ways in which people use them. Many people use them in salad while many are there which make use of them in vegetables  which is the best way to have them as it is most beneficial. Spinach comes with 2.3 grams of protein, 3.2 grams of carbohydrates, 31 grams of Calcium,. Apart from these, Spinach also comes with many vitamins and minerals. Not only this, antioxidants and phytochemicals are also found in the Spinach. All these things make Spinach as the best healthy food. Let’s have a look at the health benefits of Spinach.

Fights Cancer Cells

It is not any hidden fact that Cancer is a very deadly disease and is caused by cancer ells. Since there is not any good treatment for the cancer, therefore one must adopt all those tips that can keep him fit and active. Spinach has Vitamin A and flavonoids in it. Both these make Spinach good to fight against cancer cells. Researches conducted in this aspect have proved the same. It is found that if a women uses Spinach daily in her food, then the common disease, the breast cancer’s chances are reduced by 34 percent. The same has been found in oral and colon cancer.

Reduce Cardiovascular disease risk

Apart from vitamins and minerals, spinach comes with folate. It has been proved that folate reduces the homocysteine. If the homocysteine reaches high, then it can cause Cardiovascular disease.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K which then anchors calcium in the bones. Therefore it makes Spinach prevents the Osteoporosis. Along with it magnesium, zinc, copper in the Spinach also does help in this aspect.

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