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About the Leomaster Mobile Application

Leomaster Company has created an application that is used to protect and safeguard private information from leaking from a personal mobile device. The application has strong app locks that are used to secure apps, private scan that is used to locate loopholes, a safe box where one can be able to hide their photos and video, a Wi-Fi security to ensure that the network that one uses is safe and many more functions hat internet users are bound to enjoy.

Leomaster mobile application

When one uses Leo private guard, they get to enjoy privacy, and they do not have to worry about their call, SMS and Emails being read. The application allows you to be able to lock private calls, SMS, and Emails. The app goes further as to allow the one using t to hide information that they do not want to be accessed on the internet. With the app, one can lock their Facebook status, lock the gallery and even avoid their private photos in your social network from being accessed by people that you have not authorized.

The app can lock everything out

Once you have lock all the apps, you can be assured that no one will be able to access it as one will need a password to be able to access the apps that are locked. There are two choices that you can use for the password, either pin code or password, each of which has interesting themes. The security system is interesting as there are delicate themes that one can use to decorate the app screen. In fact, it is possible to put a lock mode, lock different apps with different themes.

Fast and safe security and Wi-Fi scan

Leomaster Company when creating this app ensured that they created a scanning system that will be able to scan the private status of the mobile and find out if there is any potential loophole. There is also a smart scan that one can use to analyze new photos or video that gets added to the mobile device. There is also a simple step for one to follow so that they can be able to lock and hide their private information. The Wi-Fi scan can scan the Wi-Fi network that is being used and warn the mobile owner if there Wi-Fi being used is malicious.

Safe box

The safe box allows the mobile owner to have a private vault that they will use to hide some private videos and photos. The safe box has a private Guard that can be used to hide any calls, SMS, or Email that you do not want to be exposed.

Alert of break-in

The best part about Leo app is the fact that it takes a photo of any person that enters a wrong password three times. On the same note, you can be able to customize after the duration that the snapshot should be taken

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