Top 5 Best Paid Apps For Android Devices

Google Play Store is one of the largest marketplace where you can find millions of apps since it is the biggest one you’ll find both free apps as well as paid apps. There are many free apps which are very useful and works excellently, but some essential apps/features would be missing, you need to buy some premium apps which will help you to unlock the potential of your Android. Now the list of paid apps is huge, this could be little confusing to choose the best one, so we’ve decided to prepare a lot of Top 5 Best Paid Apps For Android Devices.

Top 5 Best Paid Apps For Android Devices

1. Nova Launcher Prime: Most of the phones nowadays come with a simple launcher which doesn’t even allow to make customizations, and what’s more disappointing about most of the default launchers is that the looks are so miserable. Nova Launcher can easily get you rid of these problems, Nova Launcher will recreate your device’s look which will look impressive and appealing. It works smooth and fast in almost every android phone, Nova Launcher Prime is currently priced at just Rs 10. So go and grab it before the price increases.

2. Weather Timeline: Weather Timeline is another great app and also quite useful when climate goes unpredictable.Sometimes you may leave your house for office thinking the day will be sunny by seeing the sun, but the climate changes in the middle, and you have to cancel your plans/work. So it’s good to check the weather forecast before leaving the house, weather timeline is here to provide you latest weather updates every minute. You can grab Weather Timeline just by paying Rs 85.

3. Pocket Casts: Pocket Casts is for who those who love watching podcasts every now and then. Pocket Casts is one of the best podcasts app which looks insanely beautiful with a simple interface. Pocket Casts will provide you both video and audio podcasts, it also comes with sync feature by which you can sync the podcasts across multiple android devices. It’s pretty much like a one stop solution for all your podcast needs, and it won’t cost you much. You get the app right away just by paying Rs 99 from google play store.

4. Battery Widget Reborn: Most of the android phones doesn’t show the performance of your device’s battery. But don’t worry, Battery Widget Reborn is here to help you, it will show you all the insights of your battery and also it’s performance and behavior. You don’t need to open the app everytime to see details, it will throw all the details right on your home screen. It comes for a dirt cheap price i.e Rs 50.

5. Solid Explorer: Solid Explorer is a file managing app, the default one which comes pre-installed in your android device will not be able to show the deep/hidden files. It places all the elements in a nice manner and looks very beautiful, it also supports cloud where you can export any necessary file to your cloud storage easily. Solid Explorer is priced at Rs 200.

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