Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in USA

The United States of America (USA) is a vast country that difficult to traverse through the entire length and breadth. Each state has its own charm that cannot be beaten and each state stands for something new. Travelling through the entire country would not be possible in terms of not only affordability but also due to time constraints. However, here is a list of the essential and popular travel destinations in USA.

New York

To experience real fast city life and an ultra-=modern culture signifying the development, a symbol of USA than a visit to the New York City, the Big apple is a must. It shows how a bruised city can continue to grow and stand for what it’s stood for, life and fun. It is a definite, must-visit. You USA trip will not be complete without visiting New York.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. This is a great place to visit of you are interested in the history of the country. Teemed with museums and parks the capital offers you more than just the President of USA’s home address, the White House to look at. You can book yourself a day’s tour on open air bus that takes you through the essential sights of tourists’ interests.

Las Vegas

People specially come down to the USA only to visit the forbidden land of Vegas. Known for its casinos and gambling adventures; it also houses some of the best known restaurants and coveted shopping destinations it a truly

San Francisco

Located n the East Coast of USA this awesome city offers quiet recluse for nature lovers while truckloads of adventure for the exploration freaks. It is a fantastic mix of the new and old, that Silicone valley and the Napa Valley. The Golden Gate Bridge is a must visit. This is an extremely different city.


Are you looking to get away from the city doldrums? Then visit the Hawaii, the beach fun place, the most visited USA Island that offers not just a different culture but a lot of good food for the islanders. Get ready to see some the most amazing volcanoes and beached, both together.

Grand Canyon

The great Grand Canyons are a wonderful piece of the possible natural wonders of the world. It is deep ravine that has been formed out of the River Colorado in the state of Arizona. It is natural wonder you just cannot miss.


If you have children with you then Florida is a must visit. It offers beautiful beaches for fun family times; it houses some of the best theme parks, amusement parks, gardens and all places that could be of interest to you as a family and not to forget the ethnic but fun loving culture of Miami. Florida is also known as the ‘sunshine state’.

Thus, visiting USA is not an easy task, it will take time and multiple visits to actually cover the entire country. However, the few chosen above are the bare must visits in case you plan to visit USA only once.

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