How to play Fruit Chop and win big?

Fruit slicing and chopping games like Fruit Chop are highly interactive and liked by gamers of all ages. It is one of the most favorite children’s arcade games because you don’t need to have actual slicing or chopping skills to play the game.

Fruit Chop is an online, swipe-style game where you can slice fruits by swiping across the screen. Even though the game sounds simple and easy, there are unique challenges that make it so much more interesting. For instance, there are the occasional bombs that players must avoid touching when in a frenzy of chopping fruits.

If you love arcade games and miss playing simple, intuitive games that were once a huge rage, you need to check out Fruit Chop because it’s one of the incredibly entertaining and fascinating chopping games online. All you need to do is sharpen your swiping skills and prepare to chop some fruits that are tossed at you.

play Fruit Chop and win

People are known to stay hooked for hours slicing fruits and passing their time. But if you’re looking for something to keep you entertained and help you win big, you need to keep in mind certain tips. Read along to know how you can augment your winning chances when slicing fruits.

How to play Fruit Chop?

If you haven’t played Fruit Chop before, here’s how the game is played.

  • You need to download the game and have a stable Internet connection to enjoy battling it out with other online players.
  • Begin the game and start swiping to chop fruits.
  • If you miss a fruit, you will lose a life.
  • Chop fruits together to make combos and increase your score.
  • The game ends if you lose three lives or if you hit a bomb.

Winning Fruit Chop strategies

  • Ace your slicing skills by playing in practice mode

You can play Fruit Chop in a 1V1 battle mode, or you can participate in tournaments. However, before participating in cash contests and competing with real online players, it is best to sharpen your slicing skills by playing the game in practice mode. Games in the practice mode are free, and it helps players become battle-ready. Once you are confident of your skills, you can participate in tournaments and cash contests.

  • Avoid touching the bombs

The game is interactive, entertaining, and fun, but it comes with unique challenges. While random fruits are being tossed at you, a bomb or two sneaks up occasionally, and if you touch the bombs, the game ends. You have to be careful not to touch the bombs to remain in the game.

So, you need to stay focused and attentive throughout the game. As you keep slicing through fruits, the game’s speed increases gradually, and the bombs will come at you quicker.

Create combos to earn more points

Once you have nailed the art of slicing fruits, you need to learn and master how to create combos. Creating combos is one of the best ways to earn the highest score in the game and beat your opponent.

In Fruit Chop, combos are created when you slice more than one fruit at once. You can earn as much as 20 points for slicing three fruits, 30 points for slicing four fruits, and so on. However, it would help if you were careful not to touch a bomb while making combos.

  • Don’t miss slicing fruits

Whenever fruits are tossed at you, they must be sliced, and you cannot afford to miss any one of them. If you miss slicing fruits three times, the game will end, and you’ll lose. So, even when you cannot make a combo, slice a fruit to remain in the game.

  • Focus on saving lives

You will lose a life if you miss slicing a fruit. When participating in a tournament or battle, you must be focused on not missing a single fruit. The game is about testing your focus, and attention. As you keep playing the game, the speed increases, and it is a challenge that most gamers enjoy.

When rushing to create a high score, don’t let even one fruit slip away without being chopped. Initially, you can adopt a calm attitude to chop every fruit that comes your way and wait for your opponent to slip up while they are rushing through the game. It is a winning tactic if you are confident of your fruit chopping skills. Focus on saving your lives, and the moment your opponent starts losing their lives, you know the game is a walk in the park. You can take risks to create combos because you have all of your three lives intact. However, you must still avoid touching the bombs.

play Fruit Chop and win

The Fruit Chop game doesn’t have a timer, making participating in tournaments so fun and exciting. While you don’t need to worry about a timer, you have to worry about hitting a bomb or losing lives by not slicing fruits. The only tactic to score the highest and win big is to keep slicing fruits and try making as many combos as you can while avoiding the bombs. Whoever scores the highest will be the winner. If you win the tournaments or battles, you’ll win real cash prizes and rewards.

Wrapping up

The Fruit Chop game is one of the most intuitive and interactive arcade games that you can enjoy when feeling bored. The strategies mentioned above will help you get better at slicing fruits and winning big.

But before participating in cash contests and tournaments, ensure to check if your state allows cash games. Some states in the US that don’t allow cash games are TN, WA, DL, MI, AR, LA, MT, etc. If you are a resident of such states, you can enjoy the free practice games.

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