Top 7 Popular travel destinations in China

China a south Asian giant is now a work marketplace. It stands for business and growth. The opportunities are umpteen and the only problem that the country faces is the hang up with languages. Whether tourists or business professionals they all need to know the locally spoken mandarin to gain a competitive edge and travel with ease. Here are a few chosen destinations that could be of tourist interest for the the curious traveller.

Tian An Men Square

Located on the main entrance of the Forbidden city, the Tian An Men square is also known as the Gate of Heavely Palace. It is a historic sight holding great relevance to the China and its history. Most of the educative tours take you to the Tian An Men Square.

Temple of Heaven

Said to be one of the most photographed Ming structures this is an elegant piece of architecture built in the 1420. The temple has park around it, an area of 660 acres of land, where music plays full day as it did when the temple was built. This again makes a wonderful place for family fun.

The Summer Palace

This is a great picnic spot, the Summer Palace was built in 1750. It overlooks the Kunming Lake. The corridors provide ideal spots where people can chill, the same places where the royalty roamed around a near 100 years ago. You can visit this olace with the children too. lot of intesresting food places surround it.

The Ming Tombs

This is a tomb that houses the remains fo the 13 emperrors from the Ming dynasty. It has stone animals and human figures all through the famous Sacred Way that takes people to the final burial ground.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of china is one the Wonders of the World. It spans around 6700 Km extending through mountains and is the most popular destination. The Badaling part of the Great Wall of China is the list well preserved. Recently the president of the United States of America visited the wall to view it’s magnificence.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is also known as the Palace Museum. It has some 999 rooms of the Ming and the Qing dynasty which is made into a museum. It is a great place to witness the lives that the emperors live and built through. China’s strong history leave enough scope for tail establishments to nourish and flourish.

Museum of the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Archaeology experts and excavation afficiandoes should visit this place in Xian. There are three exhibition halls with life size terracotta soldiers that used to guard and  protect Qin Shi Huang Di. There are around 6000 soldiers. Visit it to see the stunnnig artifacts. The oriental structures and cultures are very different.

These are some of the oldest wonderful stuctures that one can keep their eyes open for. Choose places to visit from the list above based on budget, accessibility, and other traveller considerations.

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