Top Android Launchers that Would Customise Your Device Beautifully

Android’s dominance over other types of mobile operating systems is chiefly due to the endless customization opportunities it caters to its user base. Talking about mobile Launchers, these are one of the most customizable parts of Android. Not just that, Android smartphones are impracticable without a launcher that comprises your home screen and the whole catalogue of all the apps available on the device. Itis the reason why every device comes with a default type of launcher pre-installed. For instance, a Google Pixel phone comes pre-installed with a Pixel Launcher.

Why should you use the third party launchers?

You know there are plenty of third-party launchers available on 9apps that can replace your default launcher. But you must be thinking why should you change Android launcher in first place? The answer to this question is absolutely simple: third-party launchers cater an endless amount of customization for the users to suit their requirements. Once you have done 9apps download, you can get myriad of launchers to choose from for your device from this third party store. It might also interest you that android launchers have turned out to be smarter and feature-rich over the period of time. To save you from the hassle of browsing through hundreds of launchers on Store, have a look at some of the best launchers below:


Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher apparently is one of the best Android launchers around on Store. It is a buttery smooth launcher application that people have been using with full satisfaction. The launcher is fast, efficient and also lightweight. It supports dock customizations, notification badges, an also option to show frequently used apps as a top row in app drawer, folder and also that of icon customizations. You can also enjoy plenty of gestures and much more. Moreover, the launcher also has support for app shortcuts found in Android Nougat. The prime version of this launcher unlocks a lot of useful features and is surely worth a try.

Evie launcher

It is a launcher that has been designed for performance and is one of the quickest Android launchers. Many users who have started using this launcher swear by its ease and smoothness. Its Universal Search feature allows you search within your apps from one place. It has a huge range of home screen shortcuts and customizations. Moreover, you can easily customize your app drawer and that of folder grid. One of the main reasons why Evie is counted in the list of top Android launchers is because of the fact it permits you choose from diverse search engines. The one downside is that you won’t find various gestures in this app. Overall; it is a lightweight launcher app that promises speed and simplicity. You can easily get this launcher for any of your android launcher and it is absolutely free.


Thus, the point is when you can make your device look more customised, personalised and beautiful, you should do it. You can have an apt launcher for your device and experience the best time using your device.

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