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Four Super Tips to Make Money With Websites

There is a reason why your Gmail account has a Spam folder – no one could be any bothered to read anything that is spam-related. Now if you want to, you can still create websites that can make money, even though ad blocking software will cost your efforts dearly. In today’s day and age you can still make money online without offering any products or services. There are websites that have managed to generate quite a lot of money with the help of non-ecommerce activities.

Your challenge will be to find a way to make money without resorting to spam. Luckily there are great alternatives to display ads. By applying the following four tried and tested approaches, you can use your existing content to do all the work for you. The choice is yours. You can either use all four approaches together or just pick the strategy that will work best for your website and target market.

Words matter

Most non-ecommerce websites are blogs. This means that these websites rely heavily on their written content. So, you will have to research how your content can help your website to succeed.

Luckily there are tools available that can monetize the words in your blog posts in an unobtrusive way. With the help of tools such as CodeFuel and Infolinks’ Intext, you can boost user engagement and at the same time free your web page design from any hated spam.

Images matter too

Nowadays the most popular social networks all depend on visuals. Just think Pinterest and Instagram and you will understand how influential visuals can be. So, what does this mean for websites?

Well, if you want to create websites that can make money, you will have to include images in your web design. You can use tools that will add ads to your visuals so that whenever a visitor hovers over an image, the add will pop up.


Another way to monetize your website is to take advantage of other websites’ content. In the past couple of years it has become popular to collect and share content found on other websites. By sharing other popular bloggers’ content, your website becomes more authoritative and you also foster relationships that could be beneficial down the line.

Just ask

There are many ways that experts can monetize their knowledge without having started a business. So, your website does not have to be any different. After all, you have spent hours researching to create meaningful content for your website and so there is nothing wrong to ask people who visit your website and have learnt a thing or two from your blog posts to support your efforts.

To make this work, creating a value proposition for your websites is key. So, use two sentences to explain who you are and what it is that you do.

For example you can use a tool such as Paymentwall. Nowadays people do not mind to name their own price.

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