Tracking children’s Activities With HoverWatch Services

Do you want to gift an Android tablet to your kid? Or you want them to have a smartphone for quick communication? Either way, parental control is necessary. Making urgent calls is acceptable. But you can’t allow them to access inappropriate content or installing unproductive applications. Of course, kids do not allow their parents to hinder the personal space.


So, what’s the solution? Well, you need a high-end monitoring application. In the market, multiple versions of tracking software are available. But you must get a best free phone tracker, that works efficiently without getting noticed.

Did you try the HoverWatch?

HoverWatch – Best Spying Application For Parental Control

HoverWatch is the latest spying application in the market. Since the day, it has created a huge buzz for obvious reasons. It is offering premium tracking features for the minimal price.

As mentioned at the start, it is hard to monitor the activities of kids on their device. Because you can’t open their locked phones. In this situation, you desperately need a parental control software on your desktop or smartphone. HoverWatch is a one-stop solution for parents who want their kids to be safe.

Key Features Of HoverWatch

HoverWAtch is considered as best free phone tracker for following reasons:

Geolocation Tracking

You must want your kids to be safe inside or outside the house. Sometimes, they hang out with friends without notifying to parents. If you have same concerns, HoverWatch is here to help!

This application will give you precise information about the location of phone’s user by using the nearby GPS or WiFi signals.

Call Recording

This tracking application records the incoming or outgoing calls on the target smart device remotely. On your dashboard, you can get all the data regarding call history. Even though the user has erased the call history, you can still get it via this app.

SMS & MMS Tracking

We primarily use smartphones for text messaging. To be honest, kids don’t share any details regarding their text messages. Parents don’t want to hamper the personal space. They are just concerned about the safety of their loved ones.

Don’t worry, when you have chosen the HoverWatch. This app lets you record the sent or received SMS and MMS. Not only you get the original text, but also receives the additional information like date, time, number and name or recipient.

WhatsApp & Facebook Tracking

Every youngster or kid has an active Facebook or WhatsApp profile. They share images or videos on these two platforms. This is convenient and harmful at the same time. If not used properly, they can be the victim of cyber bullying.

With HoverWatch, you can track the Facebook or WhatsApp conversations on the target device.

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Front Camera Shooting

You may ignore the above-cited features. But you can’t resist this one. Whenever the target smartphone gets unlocked, you will receive the photo of the user on your dashboard directly. Because the front camera has snapped the face of the user. Isn’t cool?

Summing Up

When it comes to parental control, HoverWatch is the preferred tracking application. Whether you need insights about texts or calls, this app will serve you. Without any complication, you can get the accurate data about the location of the target device. And the best part, this app operates in stealth mode!

With all that being said, it is still necessary to get a professional GPS tracking device for kids if you are serious about your kids’safety.

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