How Mobile Apps are becoming more important than the website?

The latest research by Forrester about Mobile & marketing trends suggests that mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular among startups and small businesses.

According to Comscore mobile has 65% of digital media time, with mobile app dominate the usage. Another research shows that mobile users are spending 86% of their mobile time on mobile apps.

If you have a establish business and doesn’t have a mobile presence you definitely need it. Just having a mobile website are simply not enough to provide an optimum level of user engagement.

 Having a website and presence on social media just not sufficient and mobile tech is growing exponentially outpacing the web. Technology around us changing very rapidly and businesses need to sense this change and adapt it quickly in order to stay competitive and relevant in this digital age. Mobile apps are essential for any company who wishes to stay ahead of the competition.

User Engagement

Mobile apps provide excellent user engagement. You can send new products/ offering directly to their phone via push notifications. Mobile Apps can also track and observe user engagement and you can use it to offer personalized recommendation and updates to users. When users are pampered with customized content they have a higher chance of making a conversion.

Having an icon on the home screen of the user’s mobile device is definitely an engagement booster for your brand as well. If you compare it with a mobile website, it runs in the browser and makes it less likely that use will engage more with it on daily basis.

Mobile Device Features

Mobile apps have an added advantage of utilizing features of mobile devices like camera, Bluetooth, GPS, Contacts, compass etc. Such features, when used in the app, can make it more interactive and appeal to the user.


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The device features can significantly shorten the time user takes to perform a specific task in the app.

New Stream of Conversion

Mobile app opens new stream of conversions. The mobile app can be a great way to increase sales, and companies like DOIT can consult you on development.  Mobile apps are much more targeted in nature in comparison to websites. They can be used to tap new & existing users. The app also increases Customer lifetime Value(CLV) which is really good for your business in a longer run. 

Offline Access

All mobile apps can be instantly accessible. Whether you are travelling on a plane or work in the remote area. This allows users to find information quickly on the go. Although apps, too require internet connectivity to perform their task, but can still offer static content and basic functionality to users offline.

Users spend more time on Apps

Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% on the mobile website.


Moreover, average time spent on the mobile app is increasing rapidly – rising by 21% in 2015 from 2014.

Innovative Design

A mobile app can be designed in a lot of innovative ways based on advanced gestures like ‘finger impression’, ’drag and drop’,’hold’ ‘swipe’ and a lot more. Mobile apps can use these features to offers innovative functionality along with sleek design. It will appeal users to perform a task in the app and use it more often. For example, an app can let the user go to next page or step with a swipe.

Future for Apps

The Projection of App driven business is huge. Non-game app downloads are estimated to grow at CAGR 23 percent in next five years. Current data about mobile commerce across different demographics and ages groups give a strong signal that in next 5 years , everyone is going to be shopping from a mobile phone. 


Benefits of mobile apps are many and overshadow those of mobile websites. A mobile website can provide a quick way to access information on any device. However, growth in innovative software development kits has streamlined app development. Using latest tools building a mobile app is easy as ever.

It is important to think creatively and capture customer’s attention and enhance you offering via mobile app.

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