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Google never disappoints anyone, does it? After a prolonged demand from the users, Google photos application has finally rolled out the “archive feature” which lets the user hide the images from the photo feed. The archive lets you hide certain pictures which you certainly don’t wish to see in the main photo feed, but you don’t want to delete them off either. So here’s the ultimate solution presented by the Google application.

google photos archiving feature
google photos

Available only on android medium for now, this feature enables a person to remove the unwanted pictures from the photo feed and transfer them to the ‘ archived folder’ without actually deleting them. However if you have transferred any of the photo to a separate album, then the image won’t be archived from there and will still be seen.


  1. Google has provided this feature to enable its users to hide photos which are of comparatively less importance. It lets you keep only those pictures in the photo feed which are absolutely necessary. Other pictures like receipts bills, duplicated photos can be archived to provide a clearer photo feed to the user. Also it lets you hide pictures which you may not want your peers to sneeze into while scrolling the photo feed. So the problem of friends peeping way down to your photo feed and screenshots is long gone now with the help of this newly introduced archive feature.
  2. Android users demanded this feature from a long period of time. Other operating systems allowed it, but Google decided not to lack behind and introduced it too making the users gleeful. Photo management can be a twisting subject, because apparently everybody has a different way to tackle it. Some people choose to organize everything into albums, some prefer deleting all of the unwanted material, and some choose laziness and prefer not deleting anything and leave everything unorganized. The latest Google feature enables the user to organize the huge collection into a more planned and preferred way.
  3. To archive photos, user can go to the settings menu and there is a new option waiting for them named “archive”, which lets the users transfer photos directly from the photo feed to the archive folder. At first after installing the new update, the app lets you through a mini demo on how to archive photos thus making it easier to the users to access it. Archiving appears as a preferable solution to those who want to keep their photo feed clean from unwanted mess without actually deleting the material.
  4. The new feature has already commenced rolling out into a number of android devices because users are appreciating the new launch. With millions of users worldwide, and with vast storage option with many appealing features such as video maker, photo editor, album maker etc., Google photos was already popular among the android users, now as more of the features are being added to keep up with the generating demands, Google has ensured making the users happy and knows how to retain them.

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